police department shooting range

police department shooting range.jpg

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    Fun fact, blacks (and everyone else) who doesn’t break the law, have a 100% chance of not getting shot by the police. So, yeah, idiots breaking the law have a 100% higher chance of being shot by the police than those who don’t, regardless of the color of the law breaker.

    In short, don’t break the law and you won’t get shot by the police.


    Did you just wake up after a 100 year nap or something?


    You said 100% chance which meant I only had to find one incident for you to be wrong. I can find more if you need to be more wrong.



    The best part of that was in one article I read where the cop is supposed to have claimed that he was actually aiming at the autistic patient.


    And yet they can still hit the broad side of a 6 year old….


    OK fine, not 100% chance of not being shot. Let’s say extremely higher chance of not being shot by the cops if you’re not breaking the law.

    Fail to follow basic instructions like “show me your hands”, or “Do not reach into your vehicle” etc during a police encounter, and yes, you’re probably going to get shot. Do as your told, and that chance drops dramatically.

    Life is hard enough, it’s even worse if you’re a dumbass.

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