Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon ICe Cream.jpg (78 KB)

Freeze headache AND a migraine inducer all in one!

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    Do you mean brain freeze?


    I’ve just found the answer to the age old question. How much bacon is too much?


    that would probably be really good on waffles or pancakes


    @nyokki: Are you sure? I don’t think question has a real answer. I think it’s the culinary equivalent of the riddle of the the Immovable object/irresistible force… The very idea of too much bacon… It’s a paradox… 🙂


    @Phyreblade: Be that as it may, I’m not eating bacon ice cream. I feel like I’ve failed in some way. Help.


    @Phyreblade: why you take a simple question and make it complicated?


    @ColombianMonkey: Because it’s The Philosophy of Bacon we’re talking about. Its depths are un-plummeted.


    Hmm I am not a very huge fan om bacon (it has it’s uses!), but I do like savory snacks better than very sweet. And who hasn’t tastes something salty covered in chocolate and liked it? This goes the same whay, salty and sweet goes surprisingly well together… I would tried it! (But then again, I’ll try anything that doesn’t move)


    @nyokki: i 100% understand but you must also know that some people cannot understand it also… this is mcs not Harvard 😛


    @nyokki: Un-plummeted? LOL No, u no phail… Bacon is a benevolent entity… It understands if you do not want.
    Besides… all dat means is… Moar for me! 😀

    @ColombianMonkey: Wait… wat u tryin’ 2 say… we mcs peeps b stoopid? 😛


    *ties Phyreblade to a chair and force-feeds him bacon icecream*


    @KommissarKvC: ‘scuse me, WTH r u doin? Tie me to a chair? I don’t think so. Not that it would be necessary, I would probably voluntarily consume as much Bacon Ice cream as you could provide…