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ROME – Fiat Group SpA confirmed Sunday it was in talks to acquire General Motor\’s European operations with the aim of possibly creating a new company to also include its newly acquired Chrysler automaker.

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    …. just as planned


    Apparently the Italian car makers are doing well? That’s kind of strange.


    aaaaahhhhhhhhh, shameless pluuuuuuuggggg!!!!!

    It’s my work, so I’m not sure if this is bad or not. Am I a total tool for doing this? Oh, and if so, sorry. I shall try to make up for it with a future nudy post. Remember, I’m a grammar fiend so if you choose to say something rude, at least do so correctly.


    Oh great so now we get shitty Italian cars in place of shitty American cars. I swear to god if they mess with Opel/Vauxhal I’m gonna throw a fucking fit.

    >.< Seriously, Buy Chevrolet, Hummer, whatever, no one likes those pieces of shit. But Opel Actually MAKES good cars. Also Holden but thats Australian right?

    tiki god

    perfectly fine 😉


    If GM is involved then that should read “FAIL”.


    Thrella: My dad bought an Opel GT and it’s the car I learned to drive w/. It was my favorite car, still is I guess. She was a quick little thing, 5 speed standard. I think it was a ’73. I was the 3rd of us kids to learn to drive w/ it and it was a bit beat up, but she purred like a kitten, ’til she finally died a valiant death trying to get me to school.


    Fucked In the Ass Twice

    Fix It Again Tony

    I’ve had ’bout a half dozen of ’em…

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