HOW TO BECOME A MINIMALIST | the 30 day challenge

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    Being dirt poor helps.
    The “Amateur Allure” lighting doesn’t.


    Actually, the opposite is true. Po’ folk have tonnes of shit and cling to it ferociously. It’s the filthy rich trust fund wankers that can afford to be “minimalist” and divest themselves of everything, knowing full well they will never have to worry about having a roof over their heads or a meal in their bellies. Then they make videos and write books about how wonderful it is to shed all those materialist trappings. Fuck them, the sanctimonious hypocritical fucktards. FUCK the “minimalist movement”, and every one of its assholish champions. Fuck them in the ear.


    Dirt poor != poor. And those “poor” Syrian\whatever\ “refugees” in Reebok’s and with newest iPhone’s are neither.
    Do agree with the second part.