Hitler: Beautiful Life

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    Vee stick zis little vone in ze gaz chamber, yar?


    It’s springtime! o/`


    Nein! Zis wittle one has gott se blue eyes and ze blonde hair! She is spared.


    Yeah, that right-hand image really looks creepy. You think he’s wondering what it would feel like if she was turned into soap for his bath or something. Ach, ze plump forearms, und ze fat little legs … quick, Himmler, fill mein tub!


    I don’t know why, but I always think off Hitler as he just REALLY wanted to sell his paintings to everybody.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    History is written by the winners.

    So I know that Hitler was a blood thirsty monster who wanted to end the universe.

    I learned it in school.


    Yeah, but nobody ever thinks of all the good Hitler did for Germany.

    Well, before he got his entire fucking country owned by Liberators and Flying Fortresses.


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson, are you suggesting Hitler got a raw deal from history?

    What part of the record rankles? The hidden buildup of armed forces in direct violation of treaty? The terror bombing of England with V1s and plans to build ICBMs via V2s? The Warsaw ghettos? Or the systematic and deliberate murder of 6 to 10 million or so humans in “work” camps?

    Yeah. Too goddamn bad no one wanted his fucking watercolors, huh? Shit, when van Gogh was misunderstood, he didn’t initiate a massive internecine European war that dragged on for nearly a decade and ended up involving every continent except Antarctica. He just cut off his ear.

    Maybe if Hitler had shaved off his mustache, put it in a box and mailed it to a prostitute, history would have been kinder to him, but he didn’t do that, now did he?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Thanks for saying the same stuff I got barked at me in school.

    I’m not saying he was an angel but I am saying that I don’t believe half the shit I’ve been told about him or Germany. FWI it was more to the tune of 3 million people who were killed. Aside from the 27 million Russians who died that no one seems to care about because…well they’re not American.

    It’s not like he did it all for kicks. Every step was necessary for what he wanted to achieve. Ya he was a dick and wrong etc…but he wasn’t the anti-christ. I guess I just don’t like being lied to.

    I had two grand fathers in the war and both said afterwards they weren’t even sure they’d been fighting on the right side (both fought for England). There’s a LOT more to what happened than you know warren. A tonne. But you’ll never find out. And that’s wrong.


    Sure. I’d concede that there are aspects of Hitlers actions that could be argued to have been good for Germany. But the thing is, his motivations were seriously flawed, and ultimately, compared to the bad he did, making that argument is like going to a burger joint, ordering the triple decker meaty burger with double bacon and extra cheese with a super large order of fries, and then, after all that, getting a diet coke “because you’re on a diet”…


    Wow. Wow, mAgnUS, you sure showed me.

    Since it was only three million murdered, according to your information (which you don’t cite), I guess Hitler gets a free pass.

    I don’t think anyone said Hitler was in it “for kicks” either, but what precisely do you think was so “necessary” to his plans that he ordered the killing of 3, 6 or 10 million people?

    And gee, too bad you felt “lied to” about what a “dick” Hitler was. But I don’t owe you an apology for condemning him, and neither do billions of other humans with whom you share the planet. Sorry if that idea makes you feel all oogy — I mean gee, how hideous it must be for you to imagine non-white, non-blond Jewish and gypsy and gay others sharing this same globe with you, making it dirty with their miscegenation and their choleric water and poverty and such and all of them just hating poor old misunderstood Hitler — but this is the world that knows the facts about the Nazis, and whether you like it or not, history is not always written by the victors; sometimes it’s written by those with superior perspectives. Sometimes it’s written by the people who actually suffered the reality. And reality wins. Every time.

    I probably know at least a much a you do about WWII, since neither of us were in it, so your suggestion that I’m some kind of outsider with inhibited knowledge is, at best, stupid. Since you failed to cite your sources (apart from hearsay), I’m assuming you’re arguing from opinion, not established fact, and until you can prove otherwise there is no reason for me or anyone else to buy your tripe.


    So, on a side note, is this Kunz Meyer-Waldeck character like a German Norman Rockwell or what?



    is this Kunz Meyer-Waldeck character like a German Norman Rockwell or what?

    Superficially he was, though he was originally of Latvian ancestry. Apparently Der Führer wasn’t going to be too picky as long as his artists managed to capture him in epic profile.

    Meyer-Waldeck appears to have left quite a Google of cut leaded glass collectibles in his wake, but his most sought after pieces include virtually unknown works such as Himmelraffensplatzen, An der Berkäring von der Kannon mit Blut und Ehre, and of course the signal piece, Der Führer Redet an den Judensblut.*

    Many biographers** have noted that Meyer-Waldeck’s own artistic career seems to parallel that of his most ignominious subject, in the sense that his work was often insipid, rarely inspired, and generally poor; but of course his failure as a Künstler didn’t lead to a world war; it just chronicled it.


    * Respectively, The Glorious Gutting of the Cowardly English Appeasers; Blowing Up The Fucking World; and Hitler Rapes a Boy. Apparently the last title loses something in translation.

    ** None, actually, as far as I can determine.


    Actually, Hitler first didn’t wanted to exterminate the ‘Minor people’. He just wanted to use them as free manpower in plants and factories. The “Final Solution” came when the war broke loose and they needed all the manpowrr in the fronts. Also, the death camp is not Hitler’s idea: He took it from the russians. And if you wan’t numbers, Stalin killed 4.4 million people by starving them to death and killed 900.000 in labor camps. In the communist China, at least 20 million people where killed. And if you wan’t to hate me really, probably 70.000 civilian died in the Iraqi War, and not just from suicidal bombs.
    I’m not saying Hitler was a good man, God forbit me. I’m just saying that you have to learn and research the history and people in it, and not just label anyone by the media. Hitler was a terrible person, but not a mindless monster who wanted to bath in jew blood.


    Apparently jew blood is very good for the skin…


    1. Trust mAgnUs to defend Hitler

    2. Randomly, Hitler was himself an eighth Jewish!

    A complex bloke…

    Alec Dalek

    mAgnUs did not defend Hitler!

    It’s true, Hitler was bad, but it’s also true that we’ve been told a lot of convenient lies. How soon we forget that England supported Hitler, until he invaded Poland, and even then, the English people were still sympathetic.

    I was taught Hitler was an example of atheism gone wild, but it turns out he was christian (which actually better explains all his actions).

    Hitler was NOT Jewish (that was just propaganda from the time). It was only based on the crazy notion that since one of his great great aunts had worked as a maid for a Jewish family, that somehow that made Hitler jewish.

    Hitler was NOT German. He was an Austrian, but he did join the German army in WWI.

    Hitler was NOT a vegan or vegetarian, however he did prefer to avoid meat, due to his love is animals.

    He did have an strange, undisclosed sexual fetish that apparently caused more than one woman to attempt suicide. But then I suppose that’s normal for German sex…

    Alec Dalek

    I would also like to take this time to point out that both WWI and WWII were started by Austrians, and that there are some Americans that want Arnold Schwarzenegger to be president.

    You have been warned.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

    Look at warren with his messy diaper. Totally missed the point.

    You’ve been brainwashed little boy. I’m not defending Hitler. I’m saying the notion of Hitler and how we know him is vastly flawed and 99% bullshit that’s been made up after the “good guys” won. You really think it was that black and white back then?

    Your insistence on citing references is fucking idiotic. I’m telling you the references have been destroyed or edited to fit the version you’ve been lead to believe is true and you’re asking me to provide a reference for that. You’re a fucking retard you little bitch.

    I mean look at wee little Alice there providing what she think are facts. Some people will tell you Hitler was 1/2 Jewish. So? Are you under the impression that Hitler picked the jews out of nowhere to scapegoat? Yes you are. Because that’s what you were told. In FACT every progressive civilization has shunned Jewish people. All for various reasons. But now nobody is allowed to and we live in a world where people are actually afraid to even say something ani-semetic. Ever wonder why that is? No. Because you’ve been brainwashed.

    I’m not saying one side is right. I’m saying both can fuck themselves for lying. But the so called good guys who you’ll champion to your last breathe have no more use for you than Hitler would have. Though you would probably be making a lot more money and you boss would be making a lot less.

    Same goes is Julius Caesar hadn’t been slaughtered. Oh ya he hated Jewish people too. In fact at the time not hating them would have seemed abnormal.

    Look at Iran. Look at the NY Times running a story where they MADE UP a quote about him wanting to exterminate Jewish people. Then they printed a retraction hidden well within where no one would see it. Because he never said it. But just the idea was enough to crucify him in the American press. Hell there could be a war justified over it.

    Look at what you just did here, warren. Someone dared not agree that Hitler was a demon possessed mass murderer of babies and you dropped your tampon. Why don’t you think about why you’re so angry about something that happened long before you were even a twinkle in some deviant sex offenders eye just before he mounted a handi-capped discount hooker with a busted diaphragm.

    If you ever actually looked into it your opinion might change. Assuming you were allowed to look into it. In the land of the free.


    rarely is life black-and-white with anything; or are men decidedly one way or another – but that doesn’t change the fact that hitler left a dark spot on history and stained an entire nation with a violent blood-frenzy. i have family who saw the gates opened at dachau. it was not the work of wholesome, healthy folks, arts and crafts hobbies aside. don’t try to be a historical apologist for hitler. he may have loved puppies, but that doesn’t change his policy of aggression, expansion, domination, and death. any reasonably self-aware, undeluded person will realise that while yes, he was actually a human and not some hell-spawned demon with horns, we can say for general historical purposes that “hitler was a bad man” overall without falsehood. your argument is just a semantic one, and it says that you’ve only just realized that it’s even -possible- for historical figures or indeed anyone you haven’t actually met, to actually be human and more or less just like yourself, genocidal tendancies aside. once you’ve gotten over the shock, and over yourself, you’ll understand. and then you’ll shut the fuck up, all the wiser for the experience. or you’ll keep spouting on internet forums like a retard for the rest of your life looking anti-semetic, whatever you want to do. i don’t give a fuck. have a nice life.


    Don’t piss off an emo kid.


    who keeps using stalin as a reference for how good hitler was. anyone know the kruschev quote about stalin. stalin and the nazis and the damned imperial japanese were all monsters during that war. im sure im forgeting someone and im sure ill here about it soon.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Did those gates open themselves? No you fucking idiot…people who were related to me had to do that for people like you. So say thank you and crawl back into your hole.

    Hitler was a bad man who did terrible things…during a war. Find me a political leader during WW2 who didn’t sanction what would be deemed unforgivable behavior. You can? The winning side never did anything wrong? I’m shocked. Well please provide a million references from a million edited texts. Edited by the winning side you fucking doorknob.

    My argument is not a semantic one. In any way shape or form. You’re just too fucking stupid to wrap your wee little brain over the concept that your so called well garnered knowledge of all things is in fact a load of bullshit.

    I’m not saying the man was just human you stupid fuck. I’m saying we’re told otherwise for a reason. And we’re told a bunch of other stuff too that isn’t true which isn’t right. Get it yet you queer little bitch?

    Probably not. Maybe when you graduate high school and venture out into the real world you’ll stop with the elitist bullshit. You just made a complete ass of yourself.

    I mean how do you know Hitler pushed forward a violent “blood-frenzy” (PS: I think you forgot a word you fucking retard)? Oh right…you were told. By someone who was told. By someone who was told by the side that won.

    You’re just too fucking stupid for words. But at least you think very highly of yourself and your own opinion. That’ll serve you well while you’re applying for jobs at Starbucks.

    Hitler was a bad man. But so are most men. You fucking moron.

    Get a God damned brain.


    I don’t see your argument, besides a lot of swear words. Also, you assumed I’m jewish. my folks were the ones on the outside opening the gates, US Army. Protestants. Not on the inside.

    You seem to just hate jews – and not even because of any free thought on the topic, but because “lots of people have throughout history”. Precisely the kind of thought that leads otherwise good men into committing the most degrading acts, like an SS soldier who loved his family, or a US chaplain on the field who beat his wife at home.

    Both sides in war commit atrocities, it’s true. There aren’t “good guys” and “bad guys” – only “the survivors” and “the dead”, or if you prefer “the murderers” and “the murdered”. It’s the practice of trading evils, and one hopes that the slightly lesser evil prevails. When we fight others, we fight with anger and fear and we fight against our anger and fear – we really fight against ourselves, and so become our own worst enemies. There is nothing noble about war, bloodshed, violence, genocide.

    Why are you so angry? Fighting against yourself by fighting others. You will never win.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Oh look. You traded your big old balls for a vagina which you’re currently hiding with that tail tucked between your legs.

    You see my argument because you went on to agree with it you twat.

    Oops. A naughty word that will grab away your attention.

    I don’t hate Jewish people at all. I’m just saying that it wasn’t some new idea Hitler came up with. It was historically based bigotry plus eugenic theory (thank you USA) but it was still historically founded. You can’t deny that there is a predominant amount hatred existing today in a lot of people because the lessons learned by some people were not by others. It was just maligned as insanity when it was in fact a reaction. Or an OVERreaction rather.

    So ignoring your laughable bullshit diatribe on inner demons (take a psych class kid) you just agreed with me while trying to make some new point which was in fact my own.

    Nice try but you failed and failed big.

    Next time maybe don’t pick on someone better than you?

    Alec Dalek

    mAgnUS, I’m sure deep in his vagina, juiceyfruit knows you’re right.


    right. i don’t think you got -my- point, which was that you’re flapping your vag-lips over nothing. we know this already.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Nowhere before did you try to make the point that you already knew what I was saying. So you lied again.

    Just shut the fuck up you stupid little douchebag.

    You’re a fucking idiot.

    And I just made you look like a total bitch.




    Hitler did it for the lulz.


    By the way, look at how the US civil war turned out.The south gets demonized north is the good guys, but the truth is both sides were douches, and america is not “our” america,it’s really just a bigger version of the union.

    yes the confederacy did a lot of things wrong, slaves, cotton, slaves.but their rights were violated.

    WW2 is just the sequel to WW1.Which is just the sequel to the crusades.Which is just the sequel to Alexander the greats campaign, which is just the sequel to 300.

    but I think we can all agree on one thing.









    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    You can just picture that one…

    ‘Hey guys I’m laughing too! I agree! I don’t want to argue on the internet. I can type all cool like too see?! No? Bu…bu…awwwww. ‘

    poor juiceyfruit.

    Don’t jump on the silly wagon when you’re the one who started in with me you stupid fuck!

    Hey how come you’re not laughing anymore, princess?

    Luke Magnifico


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