Thin Vs Fat

Thin Vs Fat

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    Don’t hold against me, but I’ll take thin over fat any day.


    Healthy Vs unhealthy. That way the answer is more obvious. Otherwise I’m sure people will show up and be all like, But dats a real woman with real curves, u dun no wats gud!!1


    That healthy girl has enough curves. If you marry either, in 30 years time the healthy one will still be having fun with you and your grandkids, the other one will be gasping around the garden or giving up the ghost and leaving you alone, no choice for me, I’ll take the one I can grow old loving.


    Fat people = fail.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I like big fat ugly ditch pigs cause its all I can get.

    /usual MCS bullshit comments about fat blobs of shit and how great they are 😐

    The one on the left is a woman who you can have sex with. The one on the right is suitable for manual labour or as land fill.


    I’m looking for her balls. She must have some, to wear that bkini in public.


    I don’t like yours much…

    Oh yeah, the obligatory “the harpoons – man them” comment is included for good measure.


    @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: I do’nt agree. The one on the right is too fat for manual labor. She’d stop being fat and become curvy if she did some hard work.

    Big girls like that are not curvy and they give the true curvy girls (like me) a bad rap.


    I’d have to reject both, the one on the right for obvious reasons. The other one for not having enough tits. And because I’m feeling racist today.


    Oh, just noticed. EVERY single person in that picture is facing the opposite way of the camera. Coincidence? Conspiracy?


    @Dreth: Somebody is drowning in the pool, duh. They’re all watching and taking pictures.


    I dont mind a woman with a little plump or thickness. Plus i prefer big boobs on a thicker woman since it makes her look more balanced out. This chick on the other hand has no business in that day-glo atrocity.

    Brevity Truta

    I hope they saw that great contrast photo, because the thin one probably *feels* fat, or at least whines in an attenshun-seeking way, and often, that she is obese. Or do only skinny neurotic white chicks do that?

    The fat one probably has no sense of what she really looks like, either. She might need a little nudge to lose some weight and be curvy instead of rotund.

    So few women have a good sense of how big or small they really are.

    Great hair, on the left.


    yuck, one chick’s fat and the other’s got cornrows (or whatever that nasty looking hairstyle is called)…an no other visual aides for fapping. usless pool picture.


    A bit of meat is fine, but the one on the right is already well into shapeless blob territory, she has nothing going for her.


    @Brevity Truta: The one on the left probably feels fat and tells the one on the right that she looks great! lol!

    You are so right, women lack perspective about their own bodies.


    @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: Ok, now THAT is fat/unhealthy/whatever. You’ll get no argument from me on that point.