Knowledge Wins

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Wikipedia Is Free
Art by Brian Moore

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    I’m a silly Wikipedia fangirl and everything but the book titles they combined there are just retarded. The title isn’t very appropriate either, my local library may not be free but I’m certain I can learn there more in a month than anyone could in a year through Wikipedia. Wikipedia is good for finding out about new topics but that’s it. This would have been really awesome if it were a poster that supports the Internet as a source of information in general, one of the titles could have been “Wikipedia”, another “Torrents” etc.


    your local library isnt free?



    Well yeah I have to pay a fee every year and get to take as many books as I want with me. I can also not pay anything and sit in their freezing room to read a book but I’d rather not. Should be pretty similar in the US? I mean I’ve seen photos, I know your libraries are incredible and usually the size of our malls but for the time being I’m stuck here.


    I’m not a huge library goer, but our libraries are public in that you check out books, and as long as you return them on time, you don’t have to pay.

    I could be wrong though.


    Depends on where you are in the US. Smaller towns keep closing their tiny, behind the times libraries because they don’t have funds in the city budget. Then you get places like Portland, were they have an awesome central branch, and several smaller branches in the different neighborhoods.


    I think at the Wichita Public Libraries it’s a one time fee so long as you don’t keep books too long and you get a free library card if yours screws up because you’ve had it so long. My mom’s library card was falling apart and they printed a new one up for her as she was checking out her books.


    Bullets wins.


    pretty sure ive used wikipedia way more than my university textbooks lol


    It’s like a dollar for a library card here in the US and that’s it as long as you return on time.


    Pfft. Books.


    I like the one he’s reaching for.


    Wikipedia is entertainment.It`s notorious for it`s inaccuracies.Fact by consensus is seldom correct.


    Then FIX IT! Jesus I’m so tired of professors bitching about wiki because they are to lazy to help contribute and ensure the accuracy.


    Why would they bother? They could spend hours doing free work, only to have some teenager edit it away in half a second.

    I actually seem to remember a big controversy a few years ago when a there was a big edit war on a physics article, and it turned out the loser was a prof and the mod was a teenager.