Zombie Jesus Wallpaper

A wallpaper version of this post:


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    am i wrong or does he have 2 left hands?


    Palms facing out, thumbs pointing towards each other, looks like a right and a left to me.


    how dare you make such a disrespectful image of the lord
    i wont pray for him to punish you, hell do that himself at the end of your life

    tiki god

    thanks steve, I hadn’t been cursed yet today. Nor had I had a good laugh either, lol.


    Odd. “steve” seems to be suggesting that Jesus never came back to life at all. Isn’t that denying a fundamental tenet of Christianity?


    You are not to pass judgement on other people as to what their afterlife will be so says your bible. You just fucked yourself. =D


    I don’t know the bible mentioned “zombie” in particular for Jesus, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t rule it out….

    explicit content

    damn they shuolda shut down the umbrella company along time ago, then again, zombies feed of brains but if u believe in a fairytale like jesus then u musnt have a brain, so i gues he doesnt pose any danger