Obama Warcraft Achievement

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    Warcraft achievement? That game can`t be played on a fucking Xbox. Nor does it have achivements, only quests and rewards.


    i haven’t played warcraft in over 6 months and even i know they added achievements. glad you thought before you spoke.

    tiki god

    GorillaMunch: jesus man, are you seriously serious? they added achievements FOREVER ago.


    Life isn’t played on an XBOX either, but I sure consider my technical certifications achievements.

    Achievements came before XBOX.


    Achievements are too in Wow. In fact, I got this achievement just last week.


    HA! i knew it.. he’s using AddOns. that’s how he won!


    GorillaMunch: Because we all know that the only thing you can get achievements on is the Xbox… >.>


    I really lol’d.
    In the pic Obama is casting “Hymn Of Hope” – a real spell in wow.


    To be fair to GorillaMunch, I had no idea they added achievements since I quit. Then again, I would have stated that in a question like, “When did they add achievements?” rather than being confrontational and böse.


    The only achievement on WoW would be uninstalling it.


    Dreth: Haha, fucking awesome win!


    I see he’s a jewel crafter too.
    … now I’m ashamed I know that.


    I don’t play WoW, so forgive my ignorance when I ask why Biden’s MP meter is red instead of blue like Obama’s?

    tiki god

    funny you noticed that, it’s cause it’s not a mana bar, it’s an action bar. he’s apparently playing a class that has no magic but is always on the attack.


    I’m already out with the jewelcrafter thing so, red bar is a rage bar, he’s a warrior. If he’s speced for prot that’s a nice team.
    *crawls back into his hole*


    Apparently he’s a shadow priest and can melt faces. I could see where that would be valuable for a president.

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