Warning, You’re In the Splatter Zone


it'll sting if it gets in your eyes...
[hippo poop]
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    Alec Dalek

    Oh I see, the GOP symbol is actually a Hungry Hungry Hippo.


    Why does the hippo wear trousers on the plate?


    Well, I’m pretty sure that’s not a sign for hippo poop. The “trousers” Hepathos sees is actually a line showing a wagging tail as the hippo shakes off the mud in which it has been wallowing. Still, it’s a pretty funny looking sign.


    No, that’s exactly what it’s a sign for. Hippos wag their tails when they poop. Sends it flying everywhere. Fun times.


    At the zoo near Washington DC, I saw the horrible sight that is hippo poop spray. They needed this sign!