Suburban Commando

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    This would be an epic movie. Many problems could be solved by people People both minding their on business & respecting property.

    I really think we screwed up when we stopped cutting hands off of thieves.

    Especially white collar thieves. Sure, some guy breaking into your home or shoplifting is bad, and should totally lose a hand, but people who have a special position of trust and steal investment funds or funds from a nonprofit, should absolutely have a hand chopped off. First Offense.


    We never cut hands off thieves. This is America. The world you long for is Saudi Arabia, a Muslim theocracy. You’d probably be quite happy in North Korea as well.


    We used to kill people for the theft of  12 pence, which was ~1/12th the weekly wage of an unskilled laboer.
    Hell, killing a chicken or stealing grapes was a capital crime.

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    And Trolling used to be a major felony, so you’re safe, there.