Sweet Truck

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I wish I had a real camera with me.

Stay classy, El Sobrante.

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    I used to think this was cool until I realized how much you can actually do with a truck that is raised (or for that matter stock)


    You Dawg… I herd you like pics of yo truck on yo truck, so check it, We put a pic o yo truck, with a pic o yo truck with a pic o yo truck on yo truck…


    I do think it’s cool still, to an extent. This would get more of the chicks I am sexually attracted to and looks cooler. But recently I’ve found that if you raise a truck and DON’T get front and rear independent suspension with 4 wheel drive, you can pretty much drive over anything, and that’s a feature you just don’t have with cars or lowered trucks. I would much rather have my 1989 GMC s-15 extended cab and lower that with a body kit, rims and a nice 2,000 watt system than this because this is mexicanized and not really… Read more »


    That is, to me, the whole point of having a 4×4…

    I would never slam a 4×4, however I would most certainly lift one. Though my lift MO is bigger tires, less lift. You get more axle clearance with larger wheels, than you do with smaller wheels and a huge lift.

    So if it were me, I’d have no problems putting 35″ boggers on a truck, and only lifting it just enough to provide turning and suspension clearance for the tires. That, IMHO, is how it’s supposed to be done.


    This is what makes El Sobrante so great. A place that literally means the leftovers.


    Or how about the bathroom? Mexicans ftw? >_>