IQs by Religion

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    I seriously doubt these findings. Show us your methodology. Specifically, what cross-cultural, unbiased I.Q. testing system was used?

    Oh, wait. I see. They used the Complete B.S. system.
    Very well then.


    So if I’m an atheist AND circumcised does that mean that I am THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE!?!?!?


    Can’t make out the gibberish that is listed as the “source” of this chart, but I’m seriously going to have to question it… Having known a lot of Mormons in my time, that average seems way off for them on the low side. And placing Scientologists above them is just absurd.


    Oooooh… A graph. This must be true.


    This isn’t so much illustrating the stereotype of religious people being stupid as it is the stereotype that Asians are smart.


    Senshi: I just had a little LOL for myself upon reading your post. Appreciated?


    You know, honestly, looking at the chart again, it doesn’t make much sense when looked at as supposedly showing the average IQs of world religions. If you take those labels out, it does happen to look like a chart of the % of people overall falling into the various IQ ranges.


    ok, lets set something straight.

    I.Q. is a testing system which, if correct means that a person of average “intelligence” scores 100.

    If you a population, any population (let’s take India, for example), their scores should form the bell curve shown, with the majority of people falling at 100

    This graph pretends to show the population of the world and thus claims that the average person in asia is much more “intelligent” than the average person in the west.

    Not the mention that I.Q. scores themselves have never been completely unbiased or good for showing anything other than how well one can perform on an I.Q. test.


    makes me glad i’m toast.
    oh wait that says taoist.


    Senshi: Obviously you are not the smartest man alive because you don’t know how to read a chart. Atheist and Jews are the average.


    lol… you’re all correct. This chart doesn’t make sense because it’s assuming that all of set group of certain religion placed in a certain percentile on a test.

    If it was accurate you’d see one line labeled “Mormon” at the AVERAGE grade achieved by all Mormons who took the test. What this shows is the curve of average population with religions plastered on it.

    Unless you get a set amount of all religions represented (say, 100 of each faith listed) and then test them. Then only take the average of those tests and graph THAT chart, maybe you could make some bullshit statement.

    But I doubt scientologists would place high since they have been brainwashed of the critical FREE-thinking skills needed for and IQ test.

    Also, since the tests tend to focus in on puzzles and math problems more than lit or grammar, you’d be making the assumption that knowing who Shakespeare is is less important than knowing how to decode a visual pattern.

    IQ tests only show how good you are at taking IQ tests. I’m good at them because I like puzzles. But there are people I look up to and admire, very smart people, who just have no patience for puzzles. And some of them are religious. Oh my.


    There are so many things wrong with this graph I can’t even begin to start. First off, this is the same graph that every psychology student, ever, has seen in some way, shape, or form, only without all the extra text tacked on. Second, someone’s religion has no bearing on their intelligence (barring fundamentalist and ultra-fanatical religions; see Scientology). I’m calling ultra-bullshit on this one.


    The chart is a stupid shop.

    It’s taken from this in wikipedia:

    Now I like insulting the intelligence of religious people just as any other person (lol you believe in santa claus), but this chart is 100% bogus.


    Chart also doesn’t take into account converted and formerly religious people. Hell even within one faith you will find diverse amounts of “devotion” and have some people who manage to balance their religion with science and facts. People like the Catholics in my family who support abortions for rape victims and believe in evolution.

    Not all religious people are “orthodox” religious nuts.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Just did a search of the university library and google. It seems like there is no Journal of Social Religion. So I’m going to go ahead with the “completely made up” theory.




    I have yet to meet a brilliant Buddhist. Nice, sure, but not an IQ Exam candidate.

    I’m also willing to believe that Muslims are smart mathematically if they only tested the men. It’s like whoever made this didn’t even try to hide their BS biases.


    CathyLong: i say casemods or blondie posted made this!!

    Alec Dalek


    Why is it Christians will believe completely absurd things with no proof, yet everyone else must have inconclusive proof? Then when we actually provide it to you, you say idiotic things like “Show us your methodology” to try and get off the hook.

    Believe what you want, I’ll be busy actually enjoying my life, rather than wasting my time with the primitive writings of ancient barbaric nomads.


    No source, so I can’t believe this graph.


    IQ is complete BS anyway. having no source just makes it even more BS.


    This could be somewhat accurate. I would like to see if it came from a reputable source. if you had a decent sampling from each religious group and determined the average IQ for each group and wrote the name of the religion over the number where that average IQ fell and superimposed it over the IQ curve that Namelis1 found on Wikipedia. Everything appears to be in the right place, I dont know much about the Shinto religion, but the Jews,Atheists, Buddhists and Taoists rounding out the high end definitely checks out in my experience. george bush was a baptist right?


    Meh, works for me..
    I’ll leave the infighting about sources to those that a) Care b) scored low….

    Just too bad they couldn’t add Republicans on there, I mean, they are their own breed aren’t they ? 😉


    Who would even consider this to be a real or accurate graph? They’re almost always fake. It’s a joke.


    *epic facepalm*


    …or troll bait.


    Shit storm!

    AustinDav: I like how you conclusively proved it was wrong using impeccable logic. Are you a baptist?


    For the third time, everyone pay attention:


    Jews and Atheists are the the “average” with the higher intellects marked as all Eastern religions.

    (even though Buddhist is considered Atheist by some Buddhists because they do not “worship” him as a deity and treat it more as a philosophy like existentialism…)


    The_Duck: +1 internets for successful troll!


    HOW THE FUCK did the Jews get above the atheist? maybe it’s because they have strong home values… maybe there should be a book for atheist’s , something other than Richard Hawkins


    Now cross-reference these results with the IQ by state. Is MA full of Shintoists?


    LeeHarveyOswald: Wow, so many people CANT READ. The graph implies the people with the highest IQ are on the RIGHT. NOT THE CENTRE. Learn to fuckin’ read.

    If it’s in the journal it says it is, then it’s been peer reviewed and accepted. That’s not to say that someone in the future will disprove or come up with different results, but that these results have been accepted and can be referenced in future papers.

    Hell, I’m published in a scientific journal, and I wrote a review which summed up all the work in that field. The only thing that was new was the series of adjectives I used to describe it. Review papers ftw.

    Leonardo Da Nietzsche

    This has to be created by those dastardly Nippon bastards as the only people in the world who are Shintoist are… Japanese. Or could be made by a self-loathing Jew.


    I have a very hard time believing that Scientology isn’t realistically at the bottom of the list

    blood raven

    weird that christian isn’t on the chart


    blood raven: Are you a Shintoist?


    blood raven:
    Wha . . .what?


    There’s no marker for spice-snorting Zensunni Wanderers. Damn.




    AlecDalek: I’m not a Christian but I’d still like to see some methodology…probably my IQ, which is above average, has some say in that matter, despite not having adopted an Eastern religion, either.


    Cathy, thanks for proving yet again, that you are retarded troll bait. Thanks for playing. I love you, you filthy pirate hooker.


    This made me laugh quite hard.

    Did you know that the man with the highest reported IQ in America, works at a bar. Very interesting man.

    High IQs are pretty useless. Mine is somewhere between 130 and 140. They force you to take the tests at most schools here. Technically I’m supposed to be brilliant. I am good at mathematics and whatnot, my left brain half is fit yeah, but on the other hand, I’m a social retard.

    If they had a parallel social test, you would be surprised how many people with high IQs are quite inhuman monsters. Laughable.


    High IQ’s, like anything else in life, only do you any kind of good if you are given the proper education, tools and mental training required to make something of it. I have an IQ of 172 and was, fortunately, encouraged and nutured in a way that has allowed me to make some use of it as well as be fairly adept socially.
    Die, don’t sell yourself short, you have, at least in a digital venue, any number of appealing social attributes.
    All that being said, I firmly believe that IQ testing is not a fully accurate test of an individual’s potential from both halves of their brain.


    Oh damn, garbled. I should have known. After all, you do wear sexy glasses.
    Yes I agree with you. Although high IQs and social retardation kind of runs in my family. Both of my parents are doctors, though nobody ever wanted to invite them to any parties haha. Except my father maybe. He is pretty flawless.

    Ah thank you. But the reason why you think that way is because you have a thing for arrogant and condescending assholes like me. Don’t even deny it.


    Glasses don’t make you smart, they just make you less blind. Also, they prove that crappy genetics run in the most intelligent of families. My own, on both sides, are both poorly visioned and ridiculously wicked smart, eh? Heh heh. Thanks for the sexy comment. I needed that. Coming from your wickedly puffy lips, (yes I know it was your fingers and not your lips but let me have my fantasies, plus you have very nice lips), it makes me all tingly inside. I am not surprised your parents are docs. In fact, it explains that much more about you. In a good way, mind. As for the arrogant and condescending thing, well…like attracts like is all I could say about that. Did I mention the little woman is as equally outspoken and…how shall I put it…confrontational as you are? Well that explains it. Plus you both like girls from time to time.


    Haha I know that. I was just joking, but the majority of people thinks, unconsciously, that people who wear glasses are probably smart.
    Hey my lips are there for you any time. Ok that’s naughty but you mentioned your…confrontational little woman and that makes me all tingly inside. Is that really true. It just keeps getting better and better.
    Yeah there seem to be quite a lot of parallels. It’s true, people feel attracted to people who are similar to them. If there weren’t this distance, and more time, I would eat her right up. Your woman is the one who inspired my American wife/girlfriend fetish, originally. I’m all excited now, goddamn.


    More Blah to this wich is obviously stupid.

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