Safety First

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Do not fist android girls

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    But I enjoy fisting android girls… 🙁


    That happened to my sister once, she broke a 2 fingers.

    getting her hand crushed in some gears at work, not fisting an andriod. Nor is my sister an android*.

    *i have yet to prove this statement.


    well…theres one obvious way kero… fist her!! if your hand doesn’t come out grinded up shes not an android 😀 if it does…well then shes an android!!


    You may find this link useful:


    Ya know, this reminds me of a funny story.
    I always said to my friend that I would never hump a robot chick, ‘cuz I always fear that she goes insane and starts ro rip my lungs out. But recently, I can’t stop thinking about buying a sexrobot and f’ing it in every inhuman and violent way imaginable.
    This story has no real end.


    Actually a warning like this would indicate very, very poor fembot design. I’d return it and get a refund…

    : “This story has no real end.”
    Perhaps a psycho ward maybe…

    Not that I don’t find the idea of a sexrobot incredibly appealing…

    Just the “inhuman and violent” part of your post kinda has me a little concerned…


    Hey, when they can rebuild her, there’s no limit… like I always wondered, can you rip out a girls intestines with bare hands and stuff.


    Ah… Right… Yeah… Watch American Psycho Much?


    The fun thing, I never saw that movie.


    LOL Ah. Somehow that isn’t very comforting…

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