Dermatographic urticaria

mcs.jpg (235 KB)

My left hand. I put some contrast on it, because it\’s on thin skin and it doesn\’t raise so much.

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    R.I.P. MCS (referring to the low-lifeness and immaturity that infests recently)




    Lol, irony.


    serious irony, does casemods not realize that he is inface this “low-lifeness and immaturity” of which he speaks? See his posts for further proof.


    maybe your an newfag with casemods but casemods does this for spite. he knows we will say how he is a gigantic faggot and he feels big when he troll us (as he thinks) but we don’t care because he may bitch how we judge him wrong but in the end of the day he’s still a gigantic faggot. see the forums for futher proof


    see my ass for further proof. he blew in it last night. reowr 😉

    Billy Manic

    Actually, I think he trolls you guys pretty successfully. I mean, you’re here complaining about him, right?

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Indeed good sir, indeed…


    that isn’t complaining… ಠ_ಠ


    this disgusts me.




    Ah. Perhaps he should look up Dermatographic urticaria.


    Who would take the time to google this?

    Maybe next time you can put some additional info so people don’t jump to conclusions and assume stuff.


    The info was given. I already knew what it was and what the term meant. Why didn’t you? I even went through the <30 seconds it took me to wiki it and put the link for you to click on. What you think you need to know is considerably less than what most people think they should know. It’s not my fault, or Lamb’s, if you want to live in a moronic, semi-trolling, fat-girl-fucking-but-not-anymore-cause-they’re-fat existence; go for it. We won’t stop you, but we will make fun of you. You are not, however, the class clown; you’re the butt of… Read more »


    shut up newfags post better stuff


    Yeah, fucking less than 1,000 user id newfags that don’t know how shit’s run around here!


    i wonder who have UID#666