incarcerated americans

incarcerated americans

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    could that correlate to the 1980 introduction of crack cocaine?


    Actually, it coincides with the start of the “War on Drugs”, and the majority of the increase in prisoners are all drug-related offenses. From other published stats, we know that most other crimes are actually falling, so the graph would probably be growing slower than the growth in population if it weren’t for the “War on Drugs”.


    Ok. Good.
    Now put that alongside the growth in population.


    Here you go.
    This per capita graph is from the same source as the one above:


    doh, just noticed I linked a graph that only shows this decade. Back to the drawing board. :p


    From 1980 to 2006 the # of incarcerated Americans increased five fold.

    The United States had a population of 203,184,772 in 1980.

    The United States currently has a population of 298,444,215 (July 2006 est.)

    So, if the population grew by 50% since then…
    Number of Americans incarcerated ~500,00 for 1980 (for rough estimate)
    Number of Americans incarcerated ~2,400,00 for 2006 (for rough estimate).

    Number of Americans incarcerated ~500,00 for 1980 = 2.46%
    Number of Americans incarcerated ~500,00 for 1980 = 8.04%

    It’s still a tripling of the percentage of Americans incarcerated.

    Last I heard it crossed 10% recently, so it’s still a growing problem. (Especially since while most crimes are in decline in the United States, a vast majority of the growth are cases from the “War on Drugs.”)


    execution express lane.


    Now, show us those numbers by race and age. I think it would be interesting.

    Alec Dalek

    So many people locked up just because they were hurting themselves with drugs, just to get votes for the politicians and make people “feel” safer. It’s madness!

    Doctor Thompson


    I think he means ‘madneth ya’ll!’.

    Alec Dalek

    Look who stopped sulking and came back. I noticed you went back to some old discussions no one cares about anymore and added comments to make it look like you got the last word. You are such a loser.


    Thank you Mr. Reagan! Talk about your welfare state… prison incarceration costs far more than drug treatment would, but locking people up is MANLY!!


    About 829,627 of those arrests made in 2006 were directly related to marijuana. Remember; 829,627 people have lost their livelihoods because of carrying a bag full of plants.

    Alec Dalek

    Exactly. The so called “land of the free” would rather invest in war and persecution than health and education. I hope Obama can turn it around.


    I’m not holding my breath… Obama has his plate full with his current promises, and it looks like he doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to pass any of that stuff, let alone take on new things.

    Alec Dalek

    That’s my fear. I think he’ll do good things, but it will take a string of good presidents, Democratic and Republican, to reverse this trend.


    Wow we incarcerated more people than China and India combined in 2006. I think that answers the per capita question.


    well, you incarcerate more because China executes their drug users and dealers, you americans put them in jail then let them come back out to recommit and go back into jail over and over


    Yes because imprisoning people who like to chemically alter their own states of consciousness is a totally reasonable thing to lock people up for. Tell me kommissar do you drink alcohol of any sort? Also why do you still post here. I have yet to hear anything original come out of your mouth…well, fingers i suppose.


    Its a mad world we live in.


    America has twice the population of Rhode Island locked up in prisons. No doubt a strain on finances, but hey, those criminals have rights!

    The fifty million people without health care though, I guess fuck ’em.


    Prisons, wasting money and lives in America in massive proportions.

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