New keyboard vs old keyboard

DSCN8199.JPG (182 KB)

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    Forgot to add a description (which usually gives people a reason to look/care/comment)
    So far, none.

    oh wait.. it’s your post. Despite what you do or show, nobody cares.


    You should put the newer one closer to the camera, in this view we get a better look at the old keyboard.


    I have to agree. I do like the new one so much better – it seems a bit bigger but it has everything together on one keyboard; numbers and all those extra special keys in one easy and convenient place.

    I really like the unique idea of the multi-media keys being located at the top (mute & volume). Some really good ideas here … hey, I really think this is going to take off big.

    Where can I get me one? (Can you please explain the functions of those extra keys located along both sides. Thanks)


    Did you actually take this picture, or did you find it on the internet and lay claim to it?


    Which of them is the new one?


    Actually, it is a reasonable question. Since you didn’t put any explanation, we have no way of knowing which was the new one. I actually assumed it was the smaller one, myself, that was new. As to why you might switch to a smaller one? Perhaps to free up ugly desk space? Anyway, much as I hate to encourage ANY post from you, at least make an effort to make it make sense, and don’t assume people know your motivations or anything about why you might or might not do anything. Especially as none of us can fathom the motivations… Read more »


    Perhaps your hands had shrunk?

    You are an enigma, I thought it was best to ask.


    One day Casemods is going to be that homeless guy with a barely readable sign that no one gives a fuck about. He is halfway there.


    It could mean one is going to be caught by the police too, but we have no way of knowing how you get the stuffs… 😛


    two words… hammer time


    God damn your black soul.


    Please post this to your own MCS subdomain so we do not have to see it.


    I have that keyboard

    Luke Magnifico

    Your tiny keyboard has puzzled me because of your giant stubby fingers.