Bruce Wayne/Batman 1939-2008

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Batman is shot and killed by his father, who faked his own death years ago and now leads the evil Black Glove organization.

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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s stupid.

    I’m surprised Warner isn’t shitting razor toothed tigers all over mr Morrison’s face over this.


    i dunno…seems to be a bit odd the ending there…
    have to say though…it was REALLY good


    The writers really ran out of ideas didn’t they. The death of his parents is what drove him to be Batman. Oh the irony.

    Luke Magnifico

    What a stupid twist.

    It’s like a soap opera.

    Did they retcon any puzzle-pieces, or did they just say, “Oh, by the way, his dad’s not dead, look, here he is, and look what he’s doing, oh wow, did we write this? This shit is crazy!”


    That’s not writing. That’s vandalism.

    No way is that bullshit gonna hold water; first and foremost because it’s about as uncreative an idea as one could muster. And if you’re going for irony, at least try to be clever about it. I bet his pitch to DC began with, “I know something cool we can do!” You know what would be cooler? If Grant Morrison would eat his own shit.

    Insanely Rational

    OK, first off, the “Bruce, I am your father” crap is something the villain throws at Batman to rattle his cage and Batman immediately tells him he’s full of it.

    And second, the issue’s narration is written by Batman himself. And I mean written. It appears as pages from a journal which, quite obviously, couldn’t have been written before it all happened. So, no, Bats isn’t dead, and it’s perfectly obvious from the comic itself.

    Now go whine about Captain America, or something.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Insanely Rational:

    Wow way to out nerd everyone, hero.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Next twist: Bruce Wayne was dead the whole time! The entire Batman story was just he’s last dream as he lay dying next to mother and father.


    Uhhhh… NO!


    I’d just like to remind you that uh… IT’S A FECKING COMIC BOOK!

    Come on, it’s not like this is the first time this has happened. And somehow, Brucey Bruce will be back. You don’t expect high level cutting edge stroy telling from comics. You expect good, and fun, and sometimes CLICHE. It’s how it rolls. Bunch a whiners.

    In other news: WTF? BRING BRUCE BACK!

    tiki god

    and yet somehow this storyline makes more sense then the lastest from Heroes.


    aarpie: But HIS PARENTS ARE DEAD!!!


    NOOOOOO!!!! This totally ruins my side of the Batman is better than your super hero argument.


    I have an idea: Make batman gay.

    Straight laced square nerdy kids will love it!


    Have I mentioned lately why I don’t read the comics any more…?

    General X

    I read that it is some criminal pretending to be his father. Not his actual father. And the author said that no, we do not get to see Batman’s lifeless body. Which is always a cop out.


    Bruce is NOT dead, the new story arc has him waking up in a shower, to find that he’s actually called Bobby and is a member of a rich Texan oil family….


    Nuts, I was hoping Xander Crews did it.


    the ending was horrible.

    and the great satan? maybe it made sense but it wasn’t totally obvious from the story for me, it had to be broadcast into my head from the interwebs.

    at least we get “whatever happened to the caped crusader?” out of this – let’s hope it’s like Sandman Neil Gaiman and not like 1608 Neil Gaiman.


    this is bullshit!!!
    who the hell does this guy think he is???
    now he wants to have one of the dead robins come back to life to take Bruce’s place???


    wait a minute, i thought that Batman broke his back and it it didn’t heal right or something like that and thats was why the series ended. What did he magically get his back fixed only to be killed by his father?

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