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…because let\’s face it, “north” being “up” and “south” being “down” are completely arbitrary.

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    Hahaha very nice.

    Also, “map upside down dymaxion trippin wtf kittens > puppies” = best tag ever. Commas are overrated anyway.


    thanks for the cluster fuck mind *taking headache pills*


    Well, as to north being up or down, I can agree, that’s arbitrary. But other than that, it’s not so much arbitrary. Kinda going by the axis on one of those being up.


    Love this


    I dunno, considering modern civilization evolved in the northern hemisphere and the vast majority of the world’s land mass is there, I’d say a north-is-up outlook makes more sense.


    Compasses on top of what Deuce said.


    the only reason why “modern” civilization evolved in the northern hemisphere is because history is written by the victorious, and not the vanquished. 8/


    But the world looks so cool upside down!


    @yawn: I think what Sarcastastic may have been trying to say was that the compass points north. It does not point up or down, nor does it point south.
    Seeing as the magnetism of the earth works that way why not call that point the top?


    This is what Australians really believe.


    @yawn: What he said.

    South and North are just names. Up/down can be argued. Also: compasses pointed “up” where the were developed, mainly in the northern hemisphere.

    It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just things developed.


    Great map for dyslexic people.


    @yawn: Did you read what I said at all? I said nothing about up, I merely said the top. From any given position on the earth, up is out and down is in, so north is not inherently up but it is the top because ages ago we found it simplest to call it the top since thats where the compass pointed. If you want to argue this then I suggest traveling back in time a good while and arguing with the first people that adapted it. Good luck sir.



    Joeseph Goebbels

    I’ve always pondered upon this idea, that we have it wrong and up could be down or even across.


    You really want a mind-screw, look at the relative size of greenland vs. avrica in the first map, and the relative size of greenland vs. africa in the second.

    the second map is more accurate. The first map stretches things at the poles to make for easier navigation, but it really distorts the perceived size of the continents


    North is considered “up” because we follow the right-hand rule. Just ask any engineer or physicist if you don’t know what the right-hand rule is (or check wikipedia).

    It’s not “arbitrary”, it’s “majority consensus”.


    Wasn’t this on an episode of The West Wing?

    “Well, flip it back.”
    “Because it’s freaking me out.”


    Antarctica will melt and the poles will reverse and THEN YOU WILL ALL BE SORRY.


    @yawn: You’re a fucking idiot.


    @yawn: Well, that explains a few things. Why did no one give me this info earlier?

    Luke Magnifico

    @przxqgl: You are so stupid it breaks me. For one thing, that clichéd quote, that you might think makes you look educated and edgy, has no relevance to the point against which you are arguing. For another, even if it did, it does nothing to disprove the point. Generally, the victors are the people who are more advanced. Rome defeated countless other armies because it was among the first to standardize military training, and set up an actual administrative infrastructure to run the armies. Then, Hannibal gave the Romans a thrashing because he used superior tactics and, let’s face it,… Read more »


    This is what Mesopotamians actually believe…


    The second one is a Mercator Projection. Yes, it is great for navigation and yes it distorts the high latitudes.

    How exactly is that a mindscrew?


    Oops, First one is a Mercator (from Gerardus Mercator, Second is the Dymaxion (from Buckmister Fuller) His Dymaxion house is really f-ing weird.