Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn.jpg (56 KB)

Amazing chin that man has. Check out the rest of this amazing set here:

It’s a seriously good collection.

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    GODDAMN he’s hot.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    When men were men and women were under 18.


    Captain Blood!


    Damn, this is one good looking son of bitch !


    I always wanted to have pictures taken of me in that old starlet style. Old men have always come and said I look some actress from that time (I don’t remember the name).

    If you cover Flynn’s face from the middle of the nose down he looks like William Shatner.


    I want that dress that Mae West is wearing! That would fit me nicely. It’s so rare to see the curvy figure properly represented. She looks amazing in that picture.

    I got this book for Christmas last year from a friend. It has many of the same actors/actresses on that page in it.


    thanks so much for the post.. i named my first daughter Grace for Grace Kelly (since my dad named me after a movie star {erin gray})


    A pimp from a better time…


    Always loved his movies, Great swordsman! Then Turner went and colorized all the great B/Ws.


    B&W photography is always better for contrast and clearness. For my wedding photos I had my brother (sometime pro photographer, do a couple of rolls an B/W. They turned out to be the ones I love most.


    @nyokki: I’m not sure that B&W is always better for those things but it’s somewhat subjective.

    I’m working on photos from a wedding a shot and I am converting some of them into black and white so that the couple can have both color and B&W images. They may prefer each for different situations. I also like to desaturate images so that it’s neither black and white (which I find boring in many cases) or very colorful. I find that it gives an elegance to the image that simply is not present in either extreme.


    @outofocus: You’re right (about B&W) and de-saturation can be really interesting and moving. B&W has to be set up properly, it works when you want shadows, dark and light, yet clear lines. I think I like my B&W wedding pics because they do look very vintage. It looked like the pics of my parents wedding. They had this one pic of them, in their wedding finery, that is B&W and color had been added to their hair and my mom’s lips. I really love that pic. I’ve had a copy made and had it framed and it jangs on my… Read more »


    I wish I was in … IN LIKE FLYNN! Amirite?!


    That’s one hot Austrian man… oh, wait. I’m hetero. Stop confusing me, Errol Flynn!


    ??? I thought he was Australian. The Austria with the big jumpy rats.

    He is a stud, nonetheless, and even straight men can appreciate that.

    A man like that I could take a woman family style, or tag team, with. No problem.


    She looks DAMN hot in that dress!
    Now I wonder what you’d look like in same dress? 😉


    @j_bryon: haha! I hate wearing dresses but I think I’d wear that one just for the shock effect of my friends realizing that I really AM a girl.