Dominos Alien Abductoin

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Saw this while looking at the box made me laugh.

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    Somehow I’m guessing the alien abduction box is never actually checked, even when it occurs…


    Who would do the checking? The delivery guy? I’d check Alien Abduction every chance I could.


    Only aliens could eat Dominos. Beings we don’t know about or understand and possibly don’t exist could only each such horrid pizza.


    I can honestly say that I have never had a Dominoes pizza.


    @nyokki: Tastes like sponge.

    tiki god


    I’ve enjoyed Dominos many times. It’s great pizza for the drunks among us!

    Luke Magnifico

    Dominoes is fantastic for drunks.

    Now, 4 Star….4 Star is a pizza to avoid.


    I think the only franchise pizza I’ve ever had is Pizza Hut. I liked the stuffed crust, but only the stuffed crust. I peeled the crust away from the pizza, lol. The pizza sauce was way too sweet. Do they add sugar to it?


    Dominoes Pizza:

    Order the triple cheese crust fresh and enjoy 30% more Heart Attacks or the next one is free


    @nyokki: I think they do add sugar. Check out their site…

    “Contains less than 2% of Salt, Sugar, Spices, Herbs, Garlic, Citric Acid, and Natural Flavors”

    Seeing as it’s listed along with all the other stuff they add to the tomato paste, I’m guessing a good 1.75% of that is sugar…


    Awesome countertops.