Thor gets laid out by Iron Man


In your humble opinion, could this ever happen?  Me thinks thor would hand iron man his ass.  In a can.  of iron.

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    Not with Iron Man having some glowing laser nipples it couldn’t.


    Oh look. Tony has ANOTHER new armor. Rich bastard…


    i guess Tony got jealous when he saw the third and fourth batman films.. you know, the gay ones…

    Sneaky Snake

    Thor pwns giants and has a goat that can reproduce its own legs. Thor could kick Iron Man’s ass.


    Pfft… Thor could just throw a bottle of booze at him. He’d grab it before it broke and drink it. Then Thor could kick his drunken ass.

    Who is richer? Bruce Wayne or Tony Starks?


    Thor is the God of Thunder. Tony is a guy in a suit.

    Thor would totally kill, then eat, then shit out Iron Man.


    That’s not Iron man it’s a crap throw away villian known as the Destroyer. Thor just beat Iron man half dead in his new title, then laid out this cheeseball a few issues later.