RIP Girlfriend

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I know this is kind of stupid, but my dog, Girlfriend, just got put down today… She was cool, pretty old (19), and I’ll miss her. Her and I often browsed this site together.

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    Sorry to hear that

    tiki god

    I’m gonna give my puppies a big hug when I get home 🙁


    19 for dogs is like 300 for humans… It’s impossible not miss a friend… I miss my old friend Lady, she died 6 years ago… It’s true when they say that dogsa are the best friends…


    Not stupid at all. Putting down a dog is always so hard and sad 🙁


    My wife and I had a rescue dog that had the absolute worst time being left alone. She chewed her way through crates, to the point of breaking all of her teeth, and mangling her paws. We couldn’t afford to put her on heavy sedatives, and it got to the point to where we couldn’t leave the house, or she would tear it all up. Chew through drywall, the door, the carpet, all in an attempt to get “free.” She was a sweet dog, when people were around. We were told that she was not “re-home-able” by the SPCA and… Read more »


    not even I can say something mean about this. sorry to hear it.


    At least she lived a long life. It’s all any of us can really hope for. My condolences.

    Nineteen is indeed pretty old for a girlfriend.




    You shouldn’t feel stupid at all…you’re obviously a caring and compassionate person. Girlfriend was lucky to have you as her human companion…


    Its sad to think most people see ther pets pass- i own a 5 yr old Tortoise- its going to watch me die. (as it will live to 100 yrs old)i’m going to have to put it in my will.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    You have my condolences, banana. It’s always tough to lose a friend, regardless of species.


    I feel for you. We had to put down my cat a little under two years ago, he was my best friend, and the worst part is, I was away at a friend’s cottage for the long weekend when it happened. I didn’t even know he was gone until I got back. I had actually been thinking about him a lot that weekend and couldn’t wait to get back and see him…

    On a much lighter note though; 19 years old? That’s like John McCain the dog or something!


    awww. hugs. all dogs go to heaven so im sure she’s up there playing with jeebus right now.


    Condolences. Many people don’t understand what it’s like to loose a pet that is more of a best friend than a pet. Lost my two goldens this year, so I feel for you.

    Brevity Truta

    Such a hard goodbye, even when you know it’s the right thing to do, having a beloved pet put to sleep. My condolences, purple banana.


    My family, we plant a tree when we bury our dogs. I wish you well and I hope you find a new companion down the road.


    Man, that sucks.

    I remember losing my “first” dog (I call it my first because it was the first one I connected to as a kid, we had others before it). She was so dedicated. She got into something that made her neck swell, and we couldn’t afford 24-hour vets. She came and lay down beside my bed, and she was gone in the morning. Real sad stuff. This tugs at the heart strings.


    So sorry, purple. I’m crying just reading these comments and remembering my own lost friends.

    teezy weezy

    Sorry to hear that 🙁


    Sorry to hear about that. It is never easy.


    Condolences. She was a fine looking dog.


    not a dog person myself but i know how much it sucks to lose a good pet.Hell i don’t even consider them pets half the time they are more like friends.


    Don’t ever call him, “just a dog.” Who haven’t the eyes to see That I belong to him as much As he belongs to me God must have had His reasons For making the likes of him And I humbly hope with all my heart …that I was one of them The years have dulled his russet color And his vision is getting dim And he walks with a limp when the days are cold Cause the dampness gets to him He’s not as young as he used to be And his whiskers are frosted white But he wags his… Read more »


    You gave her such a long life and I’m sure she couldn’t have asked for more. Dogs don’t ever complain & want nothing more than to make sure you’re happy. If you don’t have a dog, it’s hard to understand, but my dog is by far the greatest thing in my life (don’t tell my fiance that). When I’m happy, she’s happy. When I’m sad, she’s sad. She sleeps at my side every night she is alive and I could never imagine a world without her. I even planned an entire vacation so that my dog could go along with… Read more »


    Guys, reading your comments made me real sad. I remember when my cat died, like 10 years ago. It really hurts. Purple Banana, my greatests condolences to you. Everyone, thanks for sharing.


    Ach, I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s one of the hardest damned choices a pet owner has to make. You have my every sympathy.


    Wow… this is the longest thread I have read in which everyone agrees on one thing. Losing a pet sucks. Looks like a wonderful snuggle buddy.


    Your dog and mine share a birthday. And my condolences go out to you and your family. 19 years is a long a full life for any dog.

    Jesus Christ

    I can only hope my cat lives as long as Girlfriend did. I’m sure you were a wonderful friend to her. My fiance and I had to put down our mouse last year in March. She had breast cancer. He and I cried like idiots the entire time. We got her on some pain medication about two weeks before she had to go. I was completely upset because I found her in the cage not moving and not remaining a body temp. I actually looked at my fiance and said, “I’m so sorry…” because it was his. I picked her… Read more »


    Like everyone else said, it’s not stupid at all. My cat is getting up there in years, she isn’t really slowing down much but I know her day is coming. And even though she’s a total pain in the ass and I don’t even really like cats that much, I will miss her. Through the worst times in my life, she was laying there next to me… getting on my nerves.


    I hate to hear that, PS. I lost my pet snake a little over a year ago and still miss him. And I’ve had a rough month with my dog, Ranger, who’s had some mystery illness and I’ve had to consider putting him to sleep several times. And it kills me every time.

    @storminmormon: that was absolutely beautiful.


    @storminmormon: Just about gagged on tears in front of all my coworkers.

    Strange that someone listing a lost friend or family member wouldn’t invoke such a heartfelt response. I think with pets, there are less emotional boundaries. They won’t ever judge you, or take you for granted, so you give your love without prejudice. There was a poem Jimmy Stewart wrote…


    @Theo11: Ya, I never thought i’d see the day when everyone here would coalesce. Pretty powerful post.
    Couldn’t do it on /b/. Thats why we’re better.


    I couldn’t even read the last couple of comments because my eyes were so watery and I had to shut my door so my roommates couldn’t see me. I love dogs so much and I’m glad to hear that it was quick and painless, my condolence goes out to you!


    I lost a beloved pet as well. When I was in HS I got a dog from the shelter, a purebred yellow lab, and he was only six months old. Living in the country in the Midwest it was like an old timey movie, running through the fields, chasing rabbits, and having a grand time. He was cleverly named Yellow, and as a purebred suffered from odd diseases. After a few years he started to develop arthritis, and then goiters. Recently I moved away from home with my fiancee into an apartment that didn’t allow pets, and it wasn’t long… Read more »