Optimus Prime – The Death of Arcee


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    Alec Dalek

    Man, those two cats got up to some freaky stuff. They discovered output ports that could be used as input ports!


    That is not Arcee. Her name is Elita One.


    Sorry Tiki. Fail.


    @ celemelia

    This seems to hold characteristics from both Arcee and Elita One.




    @ tardex

    I respectfully disagree. This is Elita One, down to the kneepads. Check the pics. No shoulderpads, no chest Autobot logo, the head is clearly Elita, The only similarity to Arcee is the color scheme which they both share anyway.

    As a rather rabid TF fan, I wouldn’t be satisfied unless Tiki changed the title, which I’m not enough of a jerk to demand and enough of a realist to expect he won’t.


    Wow, good think this was Elita One. I was beginning to think Transformers might be gay. Oh, wait, nvrmind


    Sometimes Tiki purposely misnames things. Why? No idea. This is one of the more vague and believable ones, but I’m willing to bet like others it was intentional.
    Why are there female robots? Do they lay eggs or have a uterus?

    Alec Dalek

    Wouldn’t it be easier to rename Elita One to Arcee, than to get Tiki to rename a posting title.


    I have NO idea why, but I actually clicked all the links and saw for myself WTF people were talking about. Boredom is a terrible thing.

    tiki god

    I’ve never heard of Elita One before, interesting that they would have TWO female robots. The smurfs were able to get by with just ONE!


    That’s because the smurfs didn’t actually have any junk.


    Elita One hearkens back to the second season of Gen 1. There’s actually more than just two female autobots. There’s also Chromia, Firestar and Moonracer who show heavily in this episode. My guess is it served as a story plot to precede Arcee’s involvement. Supposedly, Megatron obliterated all the female autobots prior to the Ark’s departure from Cybertron. On a side note of today’s episode of ‘Did You Know’, (I can’t resist mentioning this, sorry, LOL) Frank Welker who voiced Megatron also voiced Soundwave and Rumble. Perhaps more surprising is Welker’s reprisal of his main role in ‘Transformers: Prime’. I… Read more »