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Pintas, 10 years old.
Me and the wife can’t imagine life without her around.

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    ah its a portuguese dog. the name suggested, but the paving convinced me XD


    I love Portuguese paving. You have some competition in Italy and Hungary though.


    do u always pay attention to the floor when ur on holidays?


    Once you get a camera for the first time, even if it’s a shitty digital one, you start looking at everything from every angle everywhere you go. Although I didn’t actually have a camera with me so I guess I’m weird anyway.

    But hey the sand at the beaches in Lisboa is amazing! It sucks in Croatia because they got only stones, and in Turquia you’re guaranteed to burn off your feet because their sand is black. Only in Espana I never paid enough attention because I was almost always drunk so… nao sei ainda.


    sand and pavement. a lot more to my country than just that! watch where ure going or you’ll walk into a lamp post or smtg 😛


    Hey now, I do pay proper attention, I was just summarising my sand and pavement experiences for your amusement. I have also travelled all over Algarve, probably the most gorgeous part of a country I’ve ever seen. I know there are some parts that are not so nice but in all probability, you live in some kind of small paradise.

    Meanwhile I have to be in Austria, where my “paradise” consists of bad weather and fascists. Also no beaches, though the pavement is nice in Vienna. 😀


    ah actually I’m in wales now. No more sunshine for me 🙁 But hey, the asphalt here is awesome


    I had a dalmatian once. Smart dog, extremely hyper.


    The dog’s coat provides a nice transition between the ground textures behind her. Nice composition.