The Appartment Dog

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My roomate’s dog, she’s a border collie. Awesome.

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    how the hell did you get a boarder collie to be an apartment dog? is she old? my girlfriend had to give hers back to the BC rescue because “Holly” couldn’t stand to be separated from her.
    (This breed is one of the most neurotic breeds ever- I’ve seen some whose chief pursuit is to watch water drip. If it doesn’t keep a regular drip flow, they start to freak out and bark at the tap til it does.)
    Anyway- how does she tend to the exercise and stimulation needs of this hyper-actively intelligent breed?


    I had a border collie until she died a few years ago. They’re the nicest dogs ever!


    i have a border collie. i love him to death. he is the nicest, sweetest dog ive ever seen let alone had