“Oh, if only….”

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    This picture intrigues me. Does anyone know what the little hats are for?


    Bring back the “sad” tag. 🙁


    Sluts, showing off their kankles like that!


    The conservative dress of these women is for “being ‘seen’ at the beach” in the Netherland (Holland to you) in the Flevoland province (state). Considered by most here to be a old dying-out sect/religious group sort of like the Amish/Mennonites sect in the Pennsylvainia region of the US. The hats are just for keeping their head “covered” at all times.

    Hard to believe such people exist in a country so liberal on soft drugs and prostitution. Yes dear boy, hypocrites exist worldwide … like fungus.


    Op een vakantie dag will ik naar zoon dorp gaan. zie hoe mensen leven. toch zal ik het raar vinden maar ja 🙂


    @ @JamesTuskGeorge:

    It’s for keeping your load out of their hair.


    Those are “Amish” ladies from Holmes county ohio. They are on vacation in Sarasota Fl a popular hang out for amish in the winter.

    They wear the white hats as a religiou sign of being amish and to set them apart from the world.

    I know this because I have some that work for me.


    EuroUSA The Amish are doing very well here. So are the Mennonites for that matter.