My current pride.

Squeaks 1.jpg (2 MB)

Lillie 2.jpg (3 MB)

Kitto.jpg (26 KB)

Kisses 1.jpg (3 MB)

Kali.jpg (20 KB)

Grizelle.jpg (41 KB)

greybeard1.jpg (29 KB)

Here are seven of the eight cats. The missing one is a black cat, and she’s half feral anyway.

Greybeard (blue short hair), Grizelle (gray tabby long hair), Kisses (gray tabby long hair), Kalie (calico), Kitto (black and white), Lilly and Squeaks (brown tabbies, like peas in a pod, but they are different ages and different parents), and Kitty is the black short hair that is missing.

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    That’s a fine lot of cats you got there.

    Jesus Christ




    How do you keep track? Half of them look the same. Cat-racism BAM!


    We have one of those Lilly-type cats. Her name is “Killah” and that isn’t by accident. Watch your toes around them or the feet are toast!


    I read the title as: “My current Ride” and was temporarily confused…