The Troops’ Music: Sounds of Violence

An informal poll of about 2 dozen soldiers produced a consensus of some of the most popular songs in iraq. The list includes hard rock, hip-hop and country. but they’re all high energy tracks selected to prepare soldiers for battle. “Before we go on a mission, we pick songs to get pumped up and play them together,” says Yonas Hagos a 23 year old army specialist, who’s favorite fight song is DMX’s “Ruff Ryders Anthem”. “Thats a club joint, but it gets you ready to go kill or do whatever you have to do”

Gotta love the number one song 😛

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    Let the bodies hit the floooooooooooooooor…!!



    Toby Keith? Nickelback? Rap music?

    And no Rage Against The Machine??

    That’s puss music.

    No wonder the Iraq war is taking so long.



    Where is ‘Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of’?

    I agree with ack. Why are they listening to Nickelback for high energy music?


    Rap isnt pussy music

    But I agree this needs some RATM


    f’ck “Killing in the Name”, you need rage’s “How I Could Just Kill A Man”

    Ultimate Energy Music

    Rob Zombie “Superbeast”
    RATM “How I Could Just Kill a Man”
    Velvet Revolver “Slither”
    Powerman 5000 “When Worlds Collide”
    Metallica “Fuel”


    Clearly you people don’t listen to enough techno. Speedcore and happy Hardcore practically define High Energy music. Darkwave and Trance are good for the calm before/after the storm and make great “tracks to kill by.”

    Forget metal, Techno is energy music.


    Poor soldiers, only exposed to the bullshit MTV feeds ’em.

    -reads comments-

    …apparently they’re not the only ones.


    Hatebreed and SOAD are the only bands on that list I would want to listen to.

    Seriously, how the fuck does Toby Keith and Nickelback get on there? Somehow I assumed hard trained warriors would have a better taste in music than this.

    Some electronic music would be good, but I doubt most people would know the names of the songs. I can’t remember a single name.

    Also, some classical music should really have made this list. It works for battle music in movies, it should work in real life.


    Obviously the troops there have a wide range of musical taste unlike some of you posters…..Hit them up is a great track….


    I think this is the reason why Bodies is the #1 song:


    Yes Boris “hit them up” is a fresh track with a funky beat. You can really get jiggy with it. Going to make me lose my mind up in here, up in here my homeboy. How about we get us some bitches and some forties and kick it old school?


    boris89, of course. It’s so wide it explores deeply into rap and nu-metal. Oh wait, there’s hard rock and alternative rock, that’s a crazy combination.

    That’s music hardly anyone listens to and you won’t see EVER in one music channel. Nor is it overplayed, regardless how much talent goes (or doesn’t) into it.

    I just wish one day I could have that much diversity in my WinAmp Library.


    silver, happy hardcore, HORRIBLE…., but speedcore is good. DOA, Delta 9, etc.

    Hatebreed is NOT nu-metal, its hardcore, they’ve been around since 1993, has 4 albums, 1 EP, not mentioning the demos, compilations, splits, and vinyl only releases.


    I just wish one day I could have that much diversity in my WinAmp Library.

    Music elitist much?

    I hate all this crap that people come out with, like they are superior to everyone else because they listen to music that fuck all people have heard of.

    Thats not to say that what you listen to isnt good, but seriously, does it give you a right to insult other peoples music preferences?

    Just because music is popular doesnt make it crap. A lot of popular music is crap, but a lot of it isnt. grow the fuck up


    I was referring to this supposed “wide range” of music. Not claiming I’m the all-knowing god of music-that-nobody-knows-hence-it’s-not-sold-out-bullshit. I like my fair share of popular bands, but like you said, a lot of it is pure shit. And I’m afraid to tell you that, in my opinion, the “Top 10 Songs to Die By” is a pretty pathetic lineup.

    As far as diversity goes, there’s Rap, crappy-Metal, Hard Rock and Alternative Rock. As I said before, it is not a “wide range” of music. Even if you ignore the fact all of those (with the small exception of AC/DC) are MTV whores.

    Get some Ludwig, Frank Zappa, Ligaya, Primus and and Elvis Costello in there and I’ll say that’s a a more diverse taste of music compared to that list.

    Stop throwing random fits.


    lol highway to hell.
    there is one song on there tat needs to be on there called lips of deceit by avenged sevenfold people say a7x is a pussy band but i like it.
    hahah, #1=tehshit.

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