Red flag over the Reichstag Building

Reichstag_flag.jpg (166 KB)

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    This was actaully staged by the american photographer who wanted the shot. He asked the soldiers to do it- From the street, the commie insignia would be a yellow smear. Kinda similiar to the US marines raising the flag photo, which also took several attempts.


    Iwo Jima wasn’t posed. They raised one flag, but then they went to get a bigger flag and raised it again. The photographer didn’t pose them at all, he just took a photo of the second flag raising.

    Anyhow, posed or not, this is one of my favorite photos.


    happy belated may day.

    bright green

    HOLY SHIT! Thats pictures in the history text book at school. ( yes I go to school, don’t laugh at me.)


    I remember reading that in some versions, they retouched the photo to take out the one soldier’s second wristwatch (which implies he looted it). But there it is in this.


    Socialist greetings, comrades.


    This picture is not the official one.
    As you look closely, the soldier below has a watch on both of his wrists. This kind of capitalistic behaviour was not allowed by the Soviet commissars.
    I prefer this one.


    Maybe he just wanted to feel pretty for the shot, and looted a second watch off a nearby corpse?


    Guys I think he’s looting the flag.


    Urban renewal day in Berlin. Hitler took the day off. So did a couple of million Russian soldiers.

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