Jet towing fail

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Ouch…I don\’t see any blood, at least.

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    That must have been one hell of a shock.


    Says something about how those planes are constructed. If it had been a Cessna, the truck would be undamaged and the plane would have crumpled up like a newspaper.


    I think it says more about how thin the sheet metal on the truck is. There is an f-18 out there with a a 3 inch wide dent in the tail caused by one of my gaming buds on the Constellation. No shit there we were. Happened in 94, just before we pulled in to Pusan. Some bigwig had come aboard, and the XO decreed that covers had to be worn on the hanger deck. Well this guy was tall enough and the bill of his cap blocked his view (he claims) that he knocked himself out when he went… Read more »


    18’s cause so many stitches while on cruise.




    @SumoSnipe- LOL. i have friends named the same way. and i don’t know their real names, either.


    I’m guessing the slicks on the truck caused it to not be able to brake properly…ad a little water and it’s a disaster plan.

    General X

    Well there is a million dollar mistake, eh?