Western Civilization

ranch-on-pizza.jpg (152 KB)

Yeah, sweetums…what that there pizza needs is some RANCH DRESSING

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    Hey. Hey! HEY!!!

    Ranch dressing + pizza = amazing.




    I say let the japanese kill all the whales they want….


    That’s all novel way of saying “kill all the fatties”.


    If you are retarded enough to abuse your body that badly, then I say go for it. However I as a taxpayer should not have to pay for their future medical, crane rental, and then burial costs.

    Dumb enough to do shit like this, should mean no access to healthcare. Let nature prune out the fatties, druggies, and smokers without the rest of us having to pay for their stupidity!


    You know, the sister of a friend of mine just passed away. She was, in his words a “big girl” which meant “she could eat 24 pieces of KFC original recipe, a gallon of coca cola, then swallow an entire birthday cake followed up by a bottle of wine” I feel really bad when I got the email announcing her death at 35, not because she was young, but the first thing that popped into my head when I read the phrase “closed casket” was “how the hell will they close the casket with her in it?”