Nice Machine Gun


looks too short to be a M-16

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    i know its an m4, but im not sure if its an a2 or an a1, it is kinda short, but idk


    I should really submit a picture of me and my machine gun. =D

    Ahh, Texas, how wonderful you can be at times.


    It’s most likely an A4 because of the rail on top. And it’s an AR-15 not an M4 because there’s no burst option for the selector switch so it’s semi-auto only…meaning that its not a machine gun (burst/full auto) or an M4.


    #3, you are exactly right, i am so stupid, not looking at it as a whole, silly me.
    well thanks for making my day 🙂


    I think I’m in love.

    Tyler Durden

    M4 with a EOTECH holographic reflex sight.

    Tyler Durden

    Uh! Drdrewusaf is absolutely right. I stand corrected.


    That’s an M4. An AR-15 is the “civilian” model of a standard full sized M16. The military dubbed the the M16 because it’s the 16th rifle to be adopted by the US forces. The M4A1 has a “Full Auto” selection, while the M4 does not, with only 3-round Burst and Semi.


    Since its only safe and single shot, its an AR-15.

    AR-15=Civilian=No Full Auto

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