Joe Biden The Greatest Statesman

Move along nothing to see here

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    tiki god

    this was a highly appropriate thing to be said, he was representing many other countries that were actively trying to get the Ukraine to cut back on their obscene levels of corruption. That prosecutor he’s talking about was one of the bad ones that were refusing to investigate / indite anyone for any of the obvious crimes that were going on.

    The problem is that many people have no clue about the context and just hear what they hear from idiots that have no honesty in their body at all.

    Mark Antony

    The allegations against Biden are complete and utter bullshit. They are made up by Trump, a deluded moron who lies constantly and never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like. He’s not going after corruption at all — he’s openly asking other countries to help him win in 2020. He is using his office to go after his political enemies. Reports are now coming out that he actually mentioned Warren in a call to China (the call was then moved to that secure server). What a coincidence. Trump is not just breaking his oath, he is betraying everything the country… Read more »

    tiki god

    The company that was paying Hunter was desperate to get past their history of corruption, they were going to be shut down at one point and hiring Hunter was one of the steps they took to become legitimate. It worked for the most part, he helped move them towards a future in which the entire company is still around and wasn’t shuttered with arrests made. It’s not a good look to say “but Clinton”. I’m perfectly fine with anyone found to be dirty going down for their crimes, but the difference between what Biden did and what Trump is actively… Read more »


    I’ll just leave this here: Jared and Ivanka made 82 MILLION Dollars while working in the White House, but Hunter Biden is obviously a corruption issue.