Osama For Obama

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    Oh, I get it. Because Obama rhymes with Osama.

    That’s good. Real funny.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    stupidest. cartoon. ever. I’m counting Garfield.
    Has you ever actually read the the translation of bin Laden speeches? He’s a major Republican supporter. The invasion of Iraq was the best thing that ever happened to Al-Qaeda.


    Not if you ask all those dead Al-Qaeda guys the military has killed. I bet they aren’t so thrilled. Also, where do you get those translations? I haven’t read any, but that makes no sense to me. Republicans tend to support war on terror, and Democrats favor “talking” to terrorist organizations, trying to bring about peace. The whole point of terrorism is to kill innocent people (or the point of radical Islam terrorists, I guess the IRA is more about getting governmental rights or something) so if you mean that if we are at war with them, then they can… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @schulzbrianr, I got the translations fro Al-Jazeera. With the rest of what you’ve said you’re missing the point, even Islamic terrorists aren’t just trying to kill innocent people, they have a political agenda. Al-Qaeda wanted Saddam out of power so they could turn yet another country into an islamo-fascist state. It doesn’t matter whether we leave tomorrow or ten years from now, that’s exactly what will happen in Iraq. The war in Iraq has been a great recruitment tool for them. Every time the US accidentally kills a few civilians, all of their family and friends become potential recruits. Look… Read more »


    Schulzbrianr doesn’t realize that the Al-Qaeda guys are happy to die for their cause. “Suicide” bombers, remember? Al-Qaeda’s grown beyond their wildest dreams because of the stupidity and ignorance of the Republican party… before, all the various Arab sects and sub-sects hated one another, but now they’re starting to unite under a common enemy… us. We (a self-proclaimed “Christian nation”) invaded two sovereign Arab nations, one without provocation and under false pretenses, dumping incalculable gallons of gasoline on the anti-American fire that was already smoldering there. George Bush’s own father knew how stupid it would be to invade an Arab… Read more »


    But if you dump gasoline on something smouldering, it just goes out 🙁


    Ohhh snap.


    The long-range goal of al-Qaeda is to unify numerous Muslim nations under the old caliphate. The only way that’s going to happen is if there’s a strong enough external threat that they feel the need to band together; George Bush has been great news for bin Laden because Bush’s policies validate bin Laden’s rhetoric. The last thing Osama bin Laden wants is someone who will concentrate on just fighting terrorists and minimizing the conversion rate of nonterrorists into terrorists.


    i like boobs.

    tiki god

    I’m with dekay 46 on this issue.


    I do agree that Bush is a walking recruitment poster for Al-Qaeda. I also agree that Reagan turned Al-Qaeda from a small cell of barely organized “International Muslims” fighting in Afganestan in the 1980s into one of the most well-trained, best equiped terrorist organizations in the world. Or ‘paramilitary’, as Reagan would say, the old charmer. But all evidence provided by the US government suggests that there are such a small number of Al-Qaeda operatives in Iraq that they are practically indetectable, much less killable. . According to the NIE (composed of the CIA ect), only 15% or less of… Read more »


    Jeez, Ciao, why don’t you just run for president if you know so much about the government and how to fix it, and how everyone else did wrong? Remember, what you see isn’t all there is.


    Face it, some countries are just better than the U.S.
    As the quality of life increases as do suicide rates


    Afghanistan is not part of the Arab World. Even if: How much the Arabian leaders care about an arabian country being attacked is clearly visible in Iraq. None of them stood up against the US – because the US is more important for them than some nutjob dictator who already attacked his arab neigbors before.


    I bet he changed his mind… right before that bullet went through his fucking head.