Here we are again

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    Old Tofu

    sure , use the only politician who hasn’t been a flip flopper or a sucking up to corporations his entire career to symbolize what he has never done. imbeciles.

    Last edited 2 months ago by Old Tofu

    I mean, it is the meme though.

    Old Tofu

    the meme is shit ,would have worked better as a meme if it used graham or any of the other swamp scum that said how bad trump was and then proceeded to kiss his ass as soon as he was president

    tiki god

    How did you miss it when Bernie was doing the “I am once again asking for your contributions”? it was everywhere and it was glorious.

    Old Tofu

    well, that was him. but does he suddenly jump on a bandwagon for whatever is hip at the time just to be popular? no , which is what this meme would imply

    tiki god

    there were literally thousands of takes on this meme. the original point of the thing is always lost when it’s been co-opted the memesphere.

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