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    Alec Dalek

    Realy? How many innocent people has Obama killed compared to Bush? These people are way out of touch. Hitler wasn’t socialist. Hitler hated socialists with a passion. He was a Fascist, which is the complete opposite. There’s nothing wrong with not liking Obama, but at least get your facts straight or you’ll look like idiots like these morons do.


    way to rage over an internet joke


    I think that’s the point of the cartoon – that this is not about any real statement about idologies it’s just about demonizing the other side by comparing the opposition to Hitler.

    Bush and Obama couldn’t be farther apart, and yet here they are both being compared to the same man. It’s not possible for both to be correct, and more likely neither.


    That’s a big part of the problem with the country these days. Democrats and Republicans are the ones tossing control back and forth for so long that they’re more concerned with trying to knock the other side down than actually running the country. Wasn’t it one of the Republican bigwigs who said that they party’s “primary objective” was to prevent Obama from getting a second term?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hitler ran the National Socialism party, dumbshit.

    You’re the moron.


    And the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a democracy.


    Done in one. Thank you DW.


    Has Obama tortured and put people away without a trial yet?

    I can’t believe Bush is still a free man.


    maybe you should go after him and you can give him his own trial and stuff and you can a hero and all.


    Or perhaps I’ll just skip the trial, and go for some poetic justice!


    He lives in texas get on it.


    Fuck. Does that mean I have to meet Texans?



    …No, that was fair. In Texas, your chance of meeting an asshole rises considerably from the national average.

    fracked again

    He certainly hasn’t put an end to Bush’s practice.

    I’d be for prosecuting them both.


    Let’s go with that.


    Johnny Depp is a fucking Tool


    Would that make him a dildo or a condom?


    obama needs a big moustache and a pipe to smoke, to get his stalin look going




    Hitler only wanted to seize other nations to expand the human race and bring German efficiency and purity to all

    Bush was just a puppet of jewish businesses who wanted to seize foreign economy to make more money

    Obama is a monkey from the jungle who wants to lower the standards of human life so the niggers can seize power and we wil literally see the beginning of Planet of the Apes


    When was the last time you’ve been to Germany? How do you feel about the fact that hardly anyone there can relate to your view and most likely never will again. Do you accept your fate and come here to complain about Jews, black people and democrats only as a gesture or do you actually think there’s gonna be a second Hitler that will save you from non-existent threats.
    What do you think of Christian Bale, did you know that male emperor penguins keep the egg, that their female partner lays, on their feet for over two months until it hatches.


    What the hell does anything about this have to do with Batman and the Penguin?


    It’s my thing, I ask Kommissar unrelated questions in the hopes of learning more about the man behind all the blind hate. He only rarely replies so I’m being sneaky and ask related questions first. Batman and the Penguin are of substantial importance so I thought we’d start there.


    Why is the octopus so cool!?


    Not sure if you’re trolling or just stupid, but please, don’t have any children.


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