How A President Leads


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    Damned excited to see the Lincoln Project, AKA, the amoral shitmuffins who did all the astroturfing PR for the tea party, join the fold. No way that this doesn’t bode well for everyone. Yay!


    Is the enemy of my enemy my friend…
    Even if the enemy was the backer of my other enemy in the first place?
    Don’t matter, all praise the all-mighty dollar!

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    I sure look forward to a few election cycles from now when all the Dems insist that we must embrace the help and principles of Steve Bannon to stop President Pewdiepie from a disastrous second term.


    I don’t want to live in that world; Politics would be nothing more than a turd polishing contest, and we’re pretty close to that already.


    I’m afraid that we’re already there. The Lincoln Project is proof positive. The people we rail against become our “allies” in the fight against the next iteration that is even worse.