american slices

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    American “cheese” is less than half cheese and thus cannot be legally labeled as cheese. I haven’t touched it in over a decade. It’s disgusting.


    The slow erosion of our quality of life continues. Essentially bio plastics disguised as cheeze. Even the colour is added. Flavour, not so much.


    Romans used to line thier wine containers with lead to prevent leakage and their IQs went to hell; what are we doing to ourselves today with chemicals and GMO?


    Everything is a chemical. Every crop and scrap of meat you’ve ever eaten is a GMO because humans have modified them through selective breeding and hybridization. None of them bares any resemblance to their wild ancestors and none would survive in the wild because they are so modified. It is only because we have modified everything that we can support a global population more than a tenth of what it presently is. Just because we can attain desired traits through modification at the molecular level instead of selective breeding doesn’t make it poisonous. Don’t forget to say no to vaccines.


    My initial comment was not meant to be as broad as you seem to have taken it.
    In fact I agree with your comments, until you get to manually edited DNA level modification. There are too many variables that are still unknowns to justify some of the modifications that have been rushed to market (tobacco spliced into corn to repel pests, also causing the bee population to crash for one), it’s simply too new of a technology to blindly trust.
    Not sure what/why you brought up vaccines; It’s a tool, a genius delivery system from the last century. As long as the payloads are sound, they have saved uncountable lives.


    A slice of Americana in every bite…

    Brevity Truta

    They use those in Afghanistan for making flip-flops. Eight slices per sole over a piece of rubber and whatever is at hand to hold them to your feet. Once they get a good coating of sand and grit they’re amazing for navigating minefields.

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