Heart of Darkness

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I used to love this game so much.

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    Loved Heart of Darkness, a great game with beautiful graphics for its time…
    video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6638893185407555244&hl=en and following.


    You’re awesome. Yeah it was one of my first video games, my father bought it for me.


    I have this CD. I’d like to redeem the recognition I’ll receive in cyber blowjobs please.


    You still have it? Wow, I’m genuinely impressed. I don’t know what happened to mine, it was probably as used up as Earthworm Jim. I’d give you something in return only if you let me play it on your computer.


    I can’t contact you because you’re never online and you use AIM which I hate so there’s a conflict here. If you want my e-mail lemme know.


    But I thought I had your e-mail? I don’t use AIM, I use Digsby, I just didn’t have that much time lately so I logged in a couple times and only on AIM. So yeah give me your e-mail until then.