Wonder Bread Ad from 1968

WonderBreadAdFrom1968.jpg (136 KB)

A pretty girl knows how to succeed
with boys without half trying.
But she\’s got a lot going for her-
marvelous new cosmetics, smashing
fashions, and Wonder Bread.
Wonder Bread? Wonder Bread!
Wonder\’s the neatest way to trap a boy since…well, since apples.
Try tempting him with his favorite
Wonder sandwich. He\’ll bite.
And – ZAP! – you\’ve got him.

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    Peaches LaRue

    the neatest way to trap a boy since…well, since apples.




    i tell you the best way is to have a blunt sitting out in front of a TV with an xbox hooked up. that will attack any boy.


    far too much thought going into this, most guys would be happy for them to just come up to them and tell them straight they think their hot etc.


    this has to be the most honest add ive seen in a while. anyone who presents me with my ideal sammich is straight to the top of the list in my book.


    what the hell is wonderbread. Sounds like something along the lines of soylent green. “I can’t believe there isn’t actual bread in it!”


    “Helps catch boys…!”


    @zipfer: It tastes like pixie dust and unicorn farts. Some say it was made by the elves of Cotton Candy Valley. When you bite into it, you hear the peal of bells and a faint chorus of forest creatures singing a ditty about sharing and friendship.

    Also a brand name for some really shitty bread.


    Here’s how Wonderbread works: you bit into it, you begin chewing, and instead of becoming soggy like regular bread, it instead turns into a paste that sticks to the roof of your mouth and is excessively difficult to choke down.


    I miss when sexism swung both ways. That said, sandwich, good, woman, great. Trap: Effective.




    @natedog: It’ll soon be used excessively by the likes of priests and pedobear.

    Billy Manic

    Take note, and make me a sammich, dammit!

    General X

    I find that the: “Drop trou,” line works just fine, on me at least.