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    Oh my god. I’ve just looked up the award winning short story this film is based on and it’s FASCINATING. Absolutely fascinating. Written language is a key element so I’m a little worried about how they’ve handled that in the adaptation. My guess is that they’ve switched to spoken language. Amy Adams is a linguist in the film. My other guess is that the communication difficulties lead to a misunderstanding that could lead to war and endanger our planet. I’m in!

    tiki god

    I really want to see this without spoilers, but I’m sure the full trailer is going to be spoilerific 🙁


    Okay. There are no copies of Stories Of My Life And Others available at the library so I’m buying the Kindle edition!


    Turns out the short story is available for free as a PDF online. But I’ll say no more. Don’t want to spoil it for you Tiki. (if I haven’t done enough damage already)


    Right. I’ve read the short story and it’s a fantastically cerebral tale about different types of consciousness, theoretical physics and how we experience ‘time.’ Villeneuve’s films have strong sociopolitical overtones so he’s probably a good guy for this job. (Incidentally he went straight from this to Blade Runner 2) However, they’ve got THIS geezer adapting, which doesn’t fill me with unalloyed joy. (Although I have to say, Lights Out looked pretty cool)

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