Mary & Max

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wonderful movie. it makes you smile inside your brain.

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    I must say, the summary makes it sound kinda wrong haha. But I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt since all the posters look really pretty, I’ll watch it as soon as I can.


    It’s a narration and can be slow at times. Everyone I know that has seen it, including myself, has really enjoyed it.

    I definitely recommend it. 4 stars of 5.


    It`s a slightly twisted plot.And like Sentinel said it can drag on a bit.But the visual jokes alone are worth the time it takes to watch it.It was funny as hell.


    aaaww, it’s got Barry Humphries voice acting! I must see…


    I’ve got no idea, who Barry Humphries is, but movie is really OK.


    It WAS good. Kinda of disturbing & sad at some parts
    But I would reccomend it to anyone :] love the animation.
    The colours are gorgeousss!