old jodi

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    …I’ll still fuck her


    not unless you have a vagina you won’t.


    That haircut makes her look like a lesbian.


    I think she looks great, like a tough bitch.


    It’s not like she got roles because she was the prettiest actress anyways. She will be making movies in her sixties still while most other actresses stopped in their 40’s (if they’re lucky).


    speaking of jodi and summer movies, saw WWZ today, which I hated. way to completely ravage a fantastic work of fiction. dumb it down to nothing but a “hollywood megastar saves the day”, bare bones non story piece of eye candy that frankly, left me feeling bored, and wondering why I wasn’t sitting in man of steel instead. conflicting messages on whether zack was actually undead or just diseased, lack luster supporting roles by nobodies with nothing interesting to say. “zombies” with colored contacts and messy hair. BLAH. thank god I saw it in 2D.


    I’m surprised you haven’t seen Man of Steel. It’s awesome.