400 Days review

400 days 724x1024 400 Days

Moon meets The Divide in this high concept, sci-fi thriller with an ensemble cast. –Amazon

I recognized literally every actor and actress in this. I loved them all in other films and television shows that I’ve seen them in and I enjoyed them in this film.  It’s one of those films that only has 2 or three sets, but boy howdy do they use them to great effect.  It’s difficult to speak about the plot without giving away too much, but here’s my attempt: Several astronauts and scientists are taking part in a 400 day test in which they’re locked inside a fake spaceship underground for 400 days.

Then something goes bump in the night.  Is it something to be concerned about?  Or just a sound from the world outside?

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    I’m still thinking about whether I liked this movie or not.