Akira Movie Poster


I heard this movie had some cool explosions or something.

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    Possibly the coolest movie of all time.

    And a main character is wearing a PC-cillin jacket.

    How cool is that?!



    It’s the only anime I’ll admit to watching. Repeatedly. Though the revamp version they did a few years back has them pronouncing Kaneda differently. They say it like Canada.


    I just watched that movie right now, after buying the DVD yesterday. Jesus fuck that’s an amazing fucking movie. Every detail is fucking perfect.

    Anyway, you got to get the new one, because the older translation/overdub is the shttiest thing in history. It doesn’t even make any fucking sense. But the new one, Christ it’s beautiful.


    I used to watch this movie everytime it was on at the local arthouse cinema (it was the midnight movie) along with Heavy Metal. Loved it.

    Anyone who liked this movie should check out the show made by the same guy called Paranoid Agent. It is very fucked up but is loosely based upon a physical manifestation of one girls anxiety that feeds on the anxiety of others. I am not a big anime fan but the show is very deep and trippy. I am sure you can still catch it at adultswim.com‘s fix service for free.


    what? you look forward to see just explosions on a movie ? great job dude, keep saying things like that…

    tiki god

    flyer You obviously haven’t seen the animated explosions I have. Some sucked, some didn’t.


    Oh I get it. Flyer is sophisticated and needs a well-developed plot and story-line which teaches him something about human existence, for example, how humans be insufferable snobby cunts. Movies with explosions are so proletariat. Rule Britania stiff upper lip hum hum.


    That’s one sweet bike. Perhaps I’ll see it in real life before I die.

    Luke Magnifico

    Also, explosions are overrated.. The best part of the entire thing is the Mansplosion.