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    Gamergater: whiny sexist tool who thinks that the Matriarchy is coming after their shooter games, and only jumped on the “ethics in gaming journalism” excuse long after their GAMES ARE FOR BOYS rant.


    source plz


    Gamergate- a bunch of jerks who need to get a life

    tiki god

    Guys, wtf.


    Hey hey! my account is still here after all these years!
    Don’t bother tiki
    For all intent & purposes GG has won the battles that brought it to life (Sites dumped agenda pushing writers and started to enforce ethics policies)what carries on now is just basically a watchdog group that spends most of it’s time just shit posting on 8chan & twitter when there aren’t “happenings”


    I guess the thing I don’t get about Gamergate is, why would they think anyone else would think ethics in game journalism is important?

    Who cares about game journalism? “This game has good graphics.” “In this game you shoot bad guys.” “This game has points. Your goal is to get more points.” Who gives a shit?


    Considering the video game industry makes over 80 billion dollars yearly one should expect the journalists in it to be held to a higher standard.
    If a game is good it should be rated good due to the fact exclusively that it’s a good game, not because the journalist is friends/lovers with the creator(s), they got free loot & exclusive gear and/or their political views.

    Sure at the end of the day it’s video games but a journalist is still a journalist regardless the field they cover.


    $80 Billion isn’t that high. The aluminium industry, worldwide, makes at least double that. And you would laugh if a bunch of internet nerds started freaking out about ethics in the aluminium industry. If you met an aluminium-industry reporter, you’d probably think, “Loser”, even though what that guy is doing is more important and relevant than what any game reviewer has ever done. Here’s a little hint: game reviewers have almost always rated games based on graphics. Another hint: reviews do almost nothing to effect game sales. Psychonauts and the NOLF games were highly reviewed and flopped. Whereas any game… Read more »


    Addendum: Games always sell well if they are dark and edgy, completely independent of reviews. Dark+Edgy+Graphics+Boobs will propel a game to success even if the game play is so bad, everyone sets it aside after half an hour, and the reviews are in the 20%s.

    Game journalism is completely irrelevant, even in the gaming industry.

    tiki god

    absolutely you will find journalists in the aluminum industry and it would be just as salacious if it was discovered that the journalists were all sleeping around with their sources.

    you need to find better game review sites if all you’re seeing are graphic reviews. shit, the reviews I do here are usually never about the graphics and more about the gameplay and story.