man, I’m really finding it hard to care about this one.  Did anyone really care about the opinions of the Duggar family?  As far as I could tell, most of America was laughing and pointing at them on their TV show like they’re circus freaks.

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    These people are nothing but assholes and hypocrites, just like everybody else. Morally superior, my ass. Calling for the death penalty for incest, while ignoring the incest that is happening in your own God damned home is even more morally bankrupt than the average Joe out there. And yes, they are pretty much circus freaks, just like the other cultists out there, Scientology being another freak show that I could live without.

    I just found out about this
    should i get some cable?


    This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. We’re gonna learn a lot more about these nutjobs before they finally go away.