The GOP Platform

So from watching the GOP convention tonight, I’ve learned that their plateform is 9/10 mudslinging.


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    one big fucking facepalm.

    Rudi was the high water mark


    i love plateforms.


    Well it’s not like the GOP has a leg to stand on. So what else would they talk about?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    We need to have John McCain as the next President of the United States. Obama seems like a smart guy and I agree with a lot of his policies, but do you actually think he’ll be able to solve anything of the problems that we’re facing? Do you think that anybody could?
    The only solution is to KEEP MAKING IT WORSE. Keep destroying our liberties. Keep selling out our education system. Keep crippling our economy. Stay the course until it all burns to the ground.
    Then we can rebuild from scratch.


    That’s pretty much the plot of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.


    I’ll bring the smores!


    Some part of me agrees with reboot. Hell, I know the ghost of Thomas Jefferson agrees with him. I say it’s not too late to at least TRY to fix things.

    A revolution may be inevitable, but shouldn’t we fight to fix things until the very end?


    Hey Tiki, why don’t you go and join the Obama campaign. You’re doing enough mudslinging as it is.


    I thought she did exactly what a VP is expected to do during the conventions. Bash the other guys.

    That said, I’m still on the fence. They both say lots of nice things that make me feel good about them, and bad about the other guy.

    I’m seriously scared of the national health care plans. At one moment they promise tax breaks, but then say they’re going to provide health care? With the money we’re supposedly not going to be paying in taxes?

    The energy crisis especially has me on edge. I don’t agree with long-term drilling, but I’d rather be independent of foreign oil sooner than it takes to develop the millions of jobs promised in regards to new energy and fuel sources (damnit, algae is the way to go!)

    I agree on a lot of things for both sides regarding our actions in the middle east. Pulling out to early in Iraq is definitely bad, but if we have actual intelligence showing al-queda building back up in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that is a serious concern. Iran is a scary scary scary serious concern. North Korea is also rebuilding there nuclear facilities, I understand.

    Damnit. I’m voting for Mickey Mouse this year.


    I wish Teddy Roosevelt was up for election again.


    Fuck it i’ll vote for him anyways.


    “9/10 mudslinging”
    Oh and just what are the Dems doing?

    I was just going to vote against Obama, but after watching both conventions I’ve changed my mind and am voting FOR McCain/Palin


    I’m at least waiting till the end of the damn week to say that.


    I am voting for Andie Valentino.


    I was very impressed by the parade of straw men that the GOP put together for tonight.


    i’m with reboot

    i say we start by making it illegal for any politicians to serve more than one term in any major office


    First off, for a bit of perspective, I’m not attached to any part, I simply prefer policies that seem reasonable to me.
    Second, and more directly relevant, I’ve seen far more, and far STUPIDER mud slinging from the right, just being out and about, without actively looking for anything political.
    While I’m at it, I’d also like to say that the VP is probably going to wind up being the most important thing that gets overlooked this election. For my money, both candidates would kick the bucket once in office. Obama’d be assassinated by a racist, and McCain would get done in by stress and age. Either way, their VP takes over.


    Oh, and Reboot, I’m starting to think you’ve got the right idea.


    tiki your head is so far up your ass it amazes me. the point of the democratic and republican national conventions are simply to rally the troops. how do they do that? by slinging mud at one another. obama’s a great speaker so his mud slinging seems a lot more refined and intelligent. either way, you’re no better than a console fanboy that likes to get on an xbox 360 site and splooge over how much better the ps3 is because it has better graphics and so on. we get that you want to have obama’s babies, get over it and just shut the fuck up.


    Oh man…It’s not a good idea to insult the owner of the website.

    tiki, with all due respect the obama stuff is pretty lame. I mean if you support him that is fucking great but don’t be so dogmatic in your political beliefs, it isn’t good for you or the country. I mean the democrats are noble in that they want to help out those who are disadvantaged but the sad truth is that they are every bit as corrupt as the republicans. But i think you are smart enough to realize that.


    Ok. I’ll join the fray, I suppose. I think that Obama sucks less than McCain, which is not saying much. He’s nobody’s damned savior. He won’t be able to do a single damn thing. He’ll be an incompetent, inneffective president. However, he won’t ACTIVELY TRY to screw us over, whileas McCain will. They are both lying, cheating scum, but McCain is more evil. On the other hand, I almost have to agree with Reboot. A revolution is inevitable, but it will come too late. People are too damned lazy. We’ve got reason enough for a revolution right now, but people won’t rebel because they aren’t capable of thinking straight for long enough. Oh well.

    Actually, fuck it. I’m just going to get out of the USA the first chance I get. I’m not going down with this one.


    Even if we did have a revolution we wouldn’t be able to adequately arm ourselves if obama gets his gun control laws passed. And even then there are probably 5 shadow organizations making sure it doesn’t happen.


    5 Shadow organizations!!!! And you are worried about Obama!? Can you even list 3?lol


    @Gun Toting Republitards….

    …In the event of a revolution…

    What the fuck are you going to do with your hand guns and automatic weapons (if they were legal) against a sophisticated fighting force with large scale explosives, unmanned aircraft, and non-human trigger fingers? Not a fucking thing, that’s what. Your desire to arm yourselves to the teeth is senseless and will only get you killed. For self defense all you really need is a hand gun, a shotgon, and a high powered rifle. Anything other than that is just retarded.


    My favorite part was the “USA” chants. Like somehow they’re real America. Y’know, the crowd of mostly white older rural Americans. I should have tried that when I was in school.

    “Young Paul, 2 + 2 does not equal 5.”
    “USA, bitch! Now give me an A!”
    “USA! USA! USA! USA!”

    Oh, and here is a great vid of Republicans on a hot-mic commercial break ripping into their ‘amazing’ VP pick:


    First of all, shoot stupid-asses like you. (Congratulations on setting the tone for this response in your own wording)

    Second of all would be to know that loyalty to country and loyalty to government are two separate things.

    In the Oath of Enlistment I’d taken a few years back, I never swore to uphold or defend the government.

    There’s a reason why “all enemies, foreign and domestic” is part of that oath.

    Then again, a stuck-up bigot like yourself wouldn’t understand something like that.

    (Yes, I get a little cranky after I’ve been up all night)


    The funny point is, if you actually read what twotone wrote, you would realize that you just admitted that you need high powered weaponry to take on your fellow Americans.

    Pretty ineffective with handguns and rifles, huh?

    That’s okay, those of us who are actually half way decent with normal weaponry will defend the likes of you when the revolution really comes.



    nothing twotone said was about loyalty to country vs. loyalty to gov’t.

    If some “Militia” or other club of gun nuts tries to take on the ARMY, they would die. Simple as that.

    How is bigotry involved? now you’re just making up insults with no backing at all.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m not saying that there should be a revolution, as in march against the US Army while singing Yankee Doodle. That would be suicide. I’m saying that when the time comes, there won’t be an Army to march against. Our society is at an unstable equilibrium, direct intervention is not necessary for it to collapse. Some monkey-wenching might be fun though 🙂


    If a revolution comes I will be using my Fijian War Club whilst inhaling tons of alcohol to make me superhuman.


    To my two detractors…

    Actually, from what I saw on TT’s message, it appeared he was talking about a large-scale violent coup of the government.

    My point was, an overthrow came about, there’s a good chance the military would help. There’s a mistrust of the fed miles wide in the DoD’s ranks, and as I said before the flag is not The Hill.

    And this Libertarian would consider “Gun Toting Republitards” to be bigotry, typically defined as hatred against another that makes life choices different than someone else’s.


    Secondary: Large-scale explosives? Not terribly useful on your own turf, unless you like rebuilding a lot.

    Remember, the non-opinionated public gets war-weary fast. It’ll happen even faster if they see other citizens being attacked with A-10s and MOABs.


    Impeach, hang, repeat.


    It appears that the relatively low tech approach of the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents has worked well for them and it would only be more true in our own country, where the soldiers would not want to fire on and/or destroy it’s own citizenry.

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