Gynocentrism and Male Disposability

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    I question your motives for posting this.


    beer back one menu?


    THIS is what misleading bogo-stats look like. It tells us nothing, but that the suicide rate in the general population has gone up in recent years. Post the suicide rate for teens, motherfucker. Has it gone up identically for males and females? If so, you might have something resembling a point. (hint: not really much of a point, but at least point-adjacent. Baby steps.)

    P.S. Would it be gynocentric of me to say that you’re a cunt?


    The point is that they focus on females when the male suicide rate is already three times that of the females, regardless of recent fluctuations. Like the female suicide rate would have to triple to be as costly as the male suicides yet the group with a fraction of the problem is given priority. Kind of like breast cancer research funding.


    I see the point you are trying to make, soong, but your example isn’t quite right. Breast cancer research definitely benefits BOTH men and women. Because both men and women get breast cancer. It’s marketing/awareness campaigns that are at fault there, since they tend to focus primarily on females.


    It takes a real special person (and by “special”, I of course mean “churlish asshole”) to look at people raising awareness and/or funds to fight an issue that causes suffering and try to tear them down.

    Protip: Just because there are campaigns to combat breast cancer or suicide in women, doesn’t mean that they are taking something away from the fight against breast cancer or suicide among men. It’s not a zero sum game, dumbass.